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Society Makes Final Assessment of Alcatraz Light Station

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The Assessment Team with their Coast Guard colleagues off Alcatraz Island.

The U.S. Lighthouse Society (USLHS) conducted its third assessment visit to Alcatraz Lighthouse on May 25, 2017. The team consisted of Society vice president Henry Gonzalez, chair of the Alcatraz Light Station Preservation Committee Ralph Eshelman, professional engineer Mat Daw, and historic preservation architect Tom McCracken.

USLHS members may recall that in 2015, the Society formed a partnership with the National Park Service and U.S. Coast Guard to conduct a historic structure report as a first step toward the preservation of Alcatraz Light Station. Funding for this work was provided by Lands’ End, Inc.

Left to right: Marcus Koenen, National Park Service; Federica Marchionni, former Executive Officer, Lands’ End, Inc.; Jeff Gales, Executive Director, United States Lighthouse Society, and Captain Nelson, United States Coast Guard; ceremony initiating the Alcatraz Light Station Preservation Project, October 5, 2015.

The historic structure report is nearly finished and will include recommendations for preservation treatment. The Society is working with the NPS and USCG to further our collaborative relationship and is poised to begin fundraising for the estimated two to three million dollars required to preserve and maintain the Alcatraz Light Station for generations to come. We will keep you posted on our progress.

When the Council of American Maritime Museums, of which USLHS is a member, decided to hold their annual meeting in San Francisco, it seemed only appropriate to take advantage of this opportunity to give a presentation titled “Partners in Preservation: Alcatraz Light Station.” The presentation on April 20, 2017, consisted of speakers from USLHS, NPS and USCG. Left to right: Ralph Eshelman (USLHS), Candace Clifford (USLHS), John Cantwell (NPS), Stephen Haller (NPS), Colleen Ryan (USCG), Wayne Wheeler, (USLHS), Tyrone Conner (USCG), Jason Hagin (NPS)

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Submitted by Ralph Eshelman, USLHS board member and chair of the Alcatraz Light Station Preservation Committee, June 1, 2017

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