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Gasparilla Island Lighthouse brought back to life

‘The best view on the island’ shines after a $1.8 million restoration project.

As many of you know, Gasparilla Island, Florida, has two lighthouses. The original Port Boca Grande Lighthouse, established in 1890, is now a museum and educational facility. The second lighthouse, established as a rear range in 1927, has undergone a major restoration.

Thanks to Toni C. Collins, the Society’s Passport Ambassador for Florida West Coast-Alabama-Mississippi, for supplying the recent January 17, 2018, news article from the Venice Herald Tribune, describing the tremendous work and fundraising done by the Barrier Island Parks Society following two hurricanes.  She thinks these folks deserve some publicity for their efforts!

Link to article: Gasparilla Island Lighthouse brought back to life

Submitted January 28, 2018


One thought on “Gasparilla Island Lighthouse brought back to life

  1. Great to see this! I visited this lighthouse in 2000 and it was looking kind of sad. This lighthouse was originally built in 1888 and stood in Lewes, Delaware, until it was moved to Florida.

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