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Light Hearted Ep 17 – USLHS Tours, Chris Brookes; Matt Rosenberg and Rachel Carr, Nubble Lighthouse, Maine

Aerial view of Nubble Lighthouse; photo by Jeremy D’Entremont

The U.S. Lighthouse Society’s domestic and international group tours are developed to maximize lighthouse touring, but also to help provide better understanding of the culture and communities in which the lighthouses are located. The proceeds from each trip are directed to supporting the society‚Äôs mission of lighthouse preservation and education. In this episode, host Jeremy D’Entremont interviews Chris Brookes, a volunteer tour planner and leader.

The Nubble in winter, photo by Jeremy D’Entremont

Built in 1879, the Cape Neddick Light Station in York, Maine, is on a small rocky island known as the Nubble and is best known to the public as the Nubble Light. Visitors drive to Sohier Park in York to view the lighthouse and other buildings across a narrow channel of water. Close to half a million people come to see it each year. Matt Rosenberg is an English teacher and also the seasonal caretaker for Sohier Park and the Nubble Lighthouse. Matt is also the supervisor of a student organization known as the York Youth Lighthouse Preservation Association, or YYLPA.

“Light Hearted” host Jeremy D’Entremont interviewed Matt Rosenberg and YYLPA President Rachel Carr for this episode.

Jeremy and his special guest co-host, filmmaker Rob Apse, introduce a special offer in the U.S. Lighthouse Society’s online gift shop. And Rob and Jeremy discuss ways of getting young people interested in lighthouse preservation.

2 thoughts on “Light Hearted Ep 17 – USLHS Tours, Chris Brookes; Matt Rosenberg and Rachel Carr, Nubble Lighthouse, Maine

  1. Hey this destination looks like an amazing experience to have! Will definitely try visiting.
    Doesn’t it look like where the final scene for the movie ‘ need for speed ‘ was shot at?

  2. The final scene in the movie “Need for Speed” was shot at the Point Arena Lighthouse in northern California. I actually liked that movie!

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