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Light Hearted ep 54 – Laurie Perkins, Tawas Point Lighthouse, Michigan

Tawas Point Lighthouse, located in Tawas Point State Park in Baldwin Township in Northern Michigan, is an attraction for maritime buffs and also a destination for birdwatchers, with spectacular views over Lake Huron and Tawas Bay.

Visitors enjoy the view from Tawas Point Lighthouse. Courtesy of Tyler Leipprandt and Michigan Sky Media.

The brick tower is 70 feet tall. The State of Michigan acquired Tawas Point Light Station from the Coast Guard in 2002. In 2008, the upper floor of the keeper’s house was converted into an apartment where modern day keepers can pay to live for a week or two.

Tawas Point Lighthouse, courtesy of Tyler Leipprandt and Michigan Sky Media.
Laurie Perkins

Tawas Point Lighthouse is one of twelve sites that comprise the Michigan History Center. Laurie Perkins is the Southern Lower Peninsula Historian for the Michigan History Center, which means she is the historian for the Mann House, Tawas Point Lighthouse, and Walker Tavern, and she coordinates the keeper program at Tawas Point Lighthouse.

2 thoughts on “Light Hearted ep 54 – Laurie Perkins, Tawas Point Lighthouse, Michigan

  1. Thank you for a refreshing 30min trip to a lighthouse. I am from Traverse City Mi. born and raised. I have been and seen lighthouses from Hawaii to Maine…love them all. Michigan is my fav of course…i am proud of them and wish i could fund them all.
    Since February we have had nothing but sad news about Covid 19 virus.
    Just going on the U.S. lighthouse site and listening to the podcast took me away from that and thoughts of the views of the lakes the sites and sounds and smell of the lake shores brought back soothing memories for me.
    This is a very nice experience if others have never visited a lighthouse and would like to without actually climbing the towers. Ahh but that is the Best part!
    Oh and don’t forget …there is a Lighthouse Digest that has stories and Locations all over the world about lights houses and their keepers.
    Thank you all for your time and efforts to save our lights or as i think of them “America’s Castle’s”

    1. Thank you for your very nice comment, Lora! So glad you enjoyed the podcast. In these difficult times it is our hope that this is one way of letting people travel, in a sense, to these beautiful and historic locations.

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