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Light Hearted ep 57 – USLHS Lighthouse Passport Program part 2, the Three Amigos and an Amiga

In last week’s episode of Light Hearted we spoke with Skip Sherwood, the director of the U.S. Lighthouse Society’s lighthouse passport program, and with Scott Walbert, who is one of the volunteers who coordinates the program. In this episode we meet four of the Hall of Fame Lighthouse Passport stamp collectors.

First is James Hill of Winter Park, Florida, a deputy sheriff with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. Next is Sharon Mills of Kittery, Maine, who has been a volunteer and chapter leadership committee member for Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouses. After that is Al King. Al has lived in Florida and has been a volunteer for the Florida Lighthouse Association, and he now lives in Georgia. The fourth and final guest is John MacFarland of Pennsylvania, a retired educator who’s better known to his friends in the lighthouse world as Mac.

James Hill
Sharon Mills
Al King
John MacFarland

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