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Light Hearted ep 86 – Rick Ziegler, Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation, Photo Tips with Mike Leonard

In 1825, an act of Congress authorized the building of a breakwater off of Cape Henlopen in Delaware to create a protected harbor. The new harbor that was created was called the National Harbor of Refuge. In 1907 a lighthouse at the southern end of the outer breakwater went into service. The original structure was replaced by a 76-foot-tall cast-iron lighthouse in 1926 and automated in 1973.

Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse under construction (National Archives).
Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse, Delaware; USLHS photo by J. Candace Clifford.

The Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation was founded in 1998 and became the steward for Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse when a lease was signed with the Coast Guard in 2002. The foundation began offering seasonal tours, and in September 2004, ownership of the lighthouse was transferred to the organization.

Rick Ziegler with the DCB-36 optic on display at Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse.
Photo by Ron MacArthur of Cape Gazette

About $3 million in repairs to the breakwater was carried out in 2011. In recent years the breakwater has continued to deteriorate, and major repairs are needed. Rick Ziegler is the president of the Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation. He’s had a long fascination with lighthouses, and he got his first tour of Harbor of Refuge Light in 2004.

A ribbon cutting event for a new dock at Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse in June 2017, with Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation board directors and members.

Mike Leonard lives in Yarmouth, Maine. His photography is frequently seen in books and magazines, and in television segments. His work has been seen nationally on the Weather Channel and on the National Geographic Wild program. In this second installment of “Photo Tips with Mike Leonard,” he discusses the use of memory cards in digital photography.

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