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Light Hearted ep 115 – Erik Nissen Johansen, Pater Noster, Sweden

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Pater Noster is a small archipelago off the west coast of Sweden. The island group’s name, which means “The Lord’s Prayer,” is said to come from the tradition that mariners would recite the Lord’s Prayer as they negotiated their way around the dangerous reefs in the vicinity. The 105-foot-tall cast-iron lighthouse on one of the islands was constructed in 1868 during a period of intensive lighthouse building in Sweden. 

Pater Noster Lighthouse

Since last year, Pater Noster Lighthouse has been operated as a small hotel. The facilities include rooms with a sea view, a restaurant, and three boathouses for dinner and conferences. The hotel on Pater Noster was awarded the 40th annual Gold Key Award for Excellence in Hospitality Design. 

The lighthouse was moved to shore for restoration in 2002. In this photo it’s being returned to the island in 2007. Wikimedia Commons photo by Rolf Broberg.

Erik Nissen Johansen is originally from Norway. He is the founder and creative director of Stylt Trampoli, a multi-award winning hospitality design company. For more than 25 years, Stylt has helped created unique hotel and restaurant experiences for clients all over the world. He is now a partner in the hotel at the Pater Noster Lighthouse.

Erik Nissen Johansen (Courtesy of Stylt)

This is the first of two episodes about the Pater Noster Lighthouse; the second will be posted on Wednesday, April 28. Earlier this year, the nearby film festival in Gothenberg awarded a weeklong stay at the lighthouse hotel to Lisa Enroth, a nurse. Linda watched all the films in the festival while at the lighthouse. Jonas Holmberg, artistic director of the film festival, and Lisa Enroth will be the guests in episode 116.

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