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Episode 121From the mid-eighteenth through the early twentieth centuries, the waterways of coastal Georgia, from the St. Marys River in the south to the Savannah River in the north, were a vital part of the state’s economy. Lighthouses of the Georgia Coast is the eleventh book by William Rawlings. He’s been the recipient of a number of writing awards. The new book includes information about lighthouse design and construction, the role and legacy of the keepers, and the strategic importance of the structures during the Civil War.

Episode 122Litløy fyr, on a small island off the northwest coast of Norway, was first lit in October 1912. The lighthouse’s staff was removed in 2003. A couple of years later, the Norwegian Coastal Administration sold 20 lighthouses to new stewards. Elena Hansteensen bought Litløy fyr with the intention of making it accessible to the public. The property, known as Littleisland Lighthouse in English, has been renovated. Overnight accommodations are now available, as well as guided tours. Elena Hansteensen, owner and managing director of Littleisland Lighthouse, was honored with an award for women entrepreneurs in 2017.

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