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Light Hearted Special Edition – Tetiana Manziuk, Kyiv, Ukraine

In this special episode, Light Hearted host Jeremy D’Entremont interviews Tetiana Manziuk of Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine. Tetiana — or Tanya, as she’s known — is the Alumni Officer at House of Europe, a non-governmental organization fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in European Union countries.

Tetiana Manziuk at the Lower Berdiansk Lighthouse in Ukraine

In this conversation, Tanya and Jeremy discuss what life in Kyiv is like currently during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They discuss the beauty and history of the city of Kyiv. And they also touch on the cultural and symbolic importance of lighthouses in Ukraine and the world.

Article about the keeper of the Lower Berdiansk Lighthouse in Ukraine

Thank you to Yana Gultiayeva for making this interview possible.

Tetiana Manziuk

Here is what Tanya posted yesterday on her Facebook page:

Dear friends from abroad, I am in Kyiv, my home. My big wide windows which I always considered as an advantage now are taped and covered. Due to our municipal services doing their job despite everything, I have electricity, water, WiFi. Our metro works as transport and as a shelter from shelling. Our army fights like hell defending our cities from Russian occupants – that’s why I am still able to write this post.

We need support.We need strict sanctions against Russia, especially banning from SWIFT and No-Fly Zone over Ukraine. Here are some offers from Ukraine Сrisis Media Center

No-Fly Zones and Other Ways the International Community Can Help Ukraine

Here is a link to support charity foundation Повернись живим (Come Back Alive) helping army and veterans

Hospitallers – medical battalion working directly on the frontline in Ukraine.

This is an account from The National Bank of Ukraine to assist the Ukrainian Armed Forces…/natsionalniy-bank-vidkriv-spetsrah

Open Petition: People around the world ask NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine. No-Fly Zone for Ukraine Now!

Thank you so much for being in touch with me. It is very important to know that we are not alone. Many greetings from Kyiv!

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3 thoughts on “Light Hearted Special Edition – Tetiana Manziuk, Kyiv, Ukraine

  1. I was so glad to hear this podcast. Talking with someone in Ukraine and what she is experiencing makes it even more real to me instead of watching different news programs. Thanks for the list of places to help financially with the Ukraine people.

    1. You’re welcome, Barbara, and thanks for your comment. We are staying in touch with Tanya and plan to speak with her again.

  2. Jeremy, thank you for this great interview. Tetiana, her friends and family members should be praised for being so courageous during this devastating time of war! The links you posted to help the Ukrainians is very much appreciated!

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