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Light Hearted ep 179 – Lighthouse preservationist Mike Vogel

Mike Vogel retired as editorial page editor of The Buffalo News in 2011, after a 41-year journalism career that included three decades as a reporter and feature writer. Mike was the organizer and founding president of the Buffalo Lighthouse Association, which began restoration of Buffalo, New York’s historic 1833 lighthouse in 1985. Mike’s work at the local level soon led to efforts for the national lighthouse preservation movement. After launching and completing the first compilation of surviving American Fresnel lenses, he served on the National Lighthouse Museum steering committee and its site selection committee.

Buffalo Main Lighthouse, New York. Photo by Jeremy D’Entremont.
Mike Vogel, photo by Jeremy D’Entremont.

Mike was elected as the first First Vice President of the American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee, and then was elected to the ALCC presidency. Mike is also the author or co-author of five books on maritime history as well as Buffalo and Niagara Falls local history, including Harboring History: The Heritage Behind Buffalo’s 200-Year-Old Overnight Success.

In 2007, the U.S. Lighthouse Society honored Mike with its prestigious F. Ross Holland Award recognizing his exceptional contributions to lighthouse preservation. Mike is a longtime board member and has been president of the U.S. Lighthouse Society since 2020.

Thanks to Jim Malone and John Hopp for all their help with the trip to New York.

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