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News of the week August 26, 2022

Split Rock MN Lighthouse keeper writes book about life in the spotlight

When Lee Radzak started to write a book about the job he held for 36 years, his wife, Jane, wasn’t sure how important or necessary their family’s experiences were to the narrative.

Split Rock Lighthouse, photo by Thomas A Tag

“To me, we just lived our life like everybody else does,” Jane said. “What do we have that is different than anyone else’s life?”

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National Park Service: Ocracoke NC lighthouse won’t be moved, some historic structures will be lifted off ground

A specific plan to repair the Ocracoke Light Station, which includes an iconic Outer Banks lighthouse, was just approved by the National Park Service.

Ocracoke Lighthouse, photo by Amanda Haddox

The Ocracoke Lighthouse — in Ocracoke Village on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore — is a historic site. So are its keepers’ quarters, carpenter’s shop, storehouse, cisterns, privy and oil house. 

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Happy National Dog Day!

August 26 is National Dog Day. The US Lighthouse Society is encouraging all dog owners to post their favorite picture of their pooch at a lighthouse. Tag it with #USLHSDog and let’s spread the word for dog adoptions!

Largo at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse! photo courtesy Ralph Krugler

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This Winter Harbor home in Maine comes with a lighthouse — but the photos might make you uneasy

An amazing opportunity opened up on the Maine real estate market that you don’t usually see for under a certain amount of money — a house, complete with a lighthouse, on your own private island for $2.3 million.

Winter Harbor Lighthouse, photo by Mike & Carol McKinney

But be warned: Whether it’s a trick of the light, some of the photos of the Winter Harbor property might make you a tad uneasy with one of the buildings perched nearly right on the rocky edge.

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For sale: Bristol Ferry DE, A little lighthouse, a lot of history and a wide view for $750K

The Bristol Ferry Lighthouse is looking for a new “keeper.”

Bristol Ferry Lighthouse, photo USLHS archives

But the new keeper, or keepers, won’t be as busy as past keepers like Elizabeth Diman or Edward P. Hoxie since the lighthouse was retired in 1927. That will leave them more time to enjoy the “most amazing water views on the southern tip of Bristol.”

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Group working to save Cape Lookout NC Lighthouse

BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) – An organization along the Crystal Coast is working to save Cape Lookout Lighthouse as rising sea levels are threatening the historic landmark. 

Cape Lookout Lighthouse, photo USLHS archives

“It’s a very special place. There’s nothing like it,” said the president of Save Cape Lookout Foundation, Joni Dennis. 

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Tours to boost visits to Bluff Point NY Lighthouse

VALCOUR ISLAND, N.Y. (WCAX) – Getting to the Bluff Point Lighthouse is not an easy task. It takes a car ride, a boat and a hike to reach the landmark.

Bluff Point Lighthouse, photo USLHS archives

“Well, the unique part is that there’s really no way to get over there if you don’t have your own boat. So that’s the unless it’s the middle of winter and you’re skiing,” said Helen Nerska, the director of the Clinton County Historical Association.

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America’s oldest standing, operating lighthouse is right here in Sandy Hook NJ

MIDDLETOWN — A beacon made of stone that was once pummeled by American rebels against the British Army during the Revolutionary War still stands at the tip of what is now a national park in New Jersey.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse, photo by J. Candace Clifford

The Sandy Hook Lighthouse, which to this day signals the entry to New York Harbor, began operation on June 11, 1764, and continues to guide ships as part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.

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Oswego NY announces free lighthouse tours in September

OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– Good news for lighthouse lovers! Mayor Billy Barlow announced that there will be free lighthouse tours for Oswego residents on September 17 and September 18.

Oswego Harbor West Pierced Lighthouse, photo by Thomas A Tag

Mayor Barlow announced, that through partnering with the H. Lee White Maritime Museum, free tours of the Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse will be available for lighthouse enthusiasts that live in Oswego.

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OBITUARY: Guy Alvey Towers, 1939-2022

The lighthouse located at Punta Gorda was Guy’s first inspiration on his ultimate quest to pioneer, lead and begin restoration process of the St. George Reed Lighthouse.

St. George Reef Lighthouse, photo by Mike & Carol McKinney

The founding of Saint George Reef Lighthouse Preservation Society in 1986 was Guy Tower’s life work. As Society President and with the help of his wife Alice, Guy navigated through numerous government agencies to secure the preservation and access to the lighthouse. Newspaper articles, speaking engagements, television and radio spots were also utilized by Guy to promote Saint George Reef Lighthouse. 

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It’s a real estate opportunity that doesn’t come around too often: the chance to own a historic Chesapeake Bay lighthouse.

Hooper Island Lighthouse, photo by Ralph Eshelman

The lighthouse, first lit in 1902, is the only cast-iron caisson lighthouse in Maryland with a watch room and lantern surmounted on the tower, according to the U.S. Lighthouse Society (USLHS) Chesapeake Chapter. It is exactly halfway down the Chesapeake Bay.

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Cape Wrath Scotland lighthouse keeper job has a romantic appeal – Scotsman comment

The lighthouse at Cape Wrath in Sutherland has to be among the most dramatic and romantic places in all of the UK. And certainly one of the most windswept.

Cape Wrath from seaward, photo by Colin Wheatley wikimediacommons

Its life-saving light shines with the power of 204,000 candles from a building built by the famed civil engineer Robert Stevenson in 1828.

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US Lighthouse Society to host online event showcasing content on its YouTube page.

The United States Lighthouse Society ( is planning on hosting a free online event to showcase the considerable content currently available, and what’s coming to its YouTube page.

Screen grab of US Lighthouse Society YouTube page

Executive Director Jeff Gales and Historian Jeremy D’Entremont will host a free online program for lighthouse lovers to highlight the various free content available.

Among the archived content are historical mini-documentaries, special events at and about America’s lighthouses, tour retrospectives, podcasts and more!

Date and time to be announced in a future Lighthouse News of the Week!

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