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Light Hearted special edition – “A Safe Passage” by Irene Kelleher now playing in Portsmouth, NH

November 4, 2022

This is a special bonus episode of Light Hearted. The subject is a new play called A Safe Passage, being performed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, from November 4 through November 13. The play, which is definitely of interest to lighthouse fans, is presented by Glass Dove Productions at the Players Ring Theatre in Portsmouth.

The Players Ring Theatre is located at Prescott Park on the waterfront of Portsmouth. Since 1992, it’s been a center for the production of new and original plays by regional artists.

Andrew Codispoti and Emily Karel in A Safe Passage (Courtesy of the Players Ring)

Here is a description of the play: “New Years Eve, Ireland, 1979. Christy, a lonely lighthouse keeper, is not entirely certain he wants to see 1980. He has lost his wife, his daughter, and his will to go on. But when he sees a young woman on the rocks poised to jump into the sea, he races into the storm to pull her back from the brink. But Christy is about to realize that the woman is not what she seems and this final rescue is much more than he bargained for.”

Irene Kelleher, who wrote “A Safe Passage,” has said, “’A Safe Passage’ was born out of my stay at an Irish lighthouse. It is a story of lost and found. A story of two people, extremely different, who have found themselves isolated and adrift from the rest of the world. A story of Christy the lightkeeper, who shines a ceaseless vigil for all at sea but is lost himself, and the young woman who does not want to be saved.”

The interview in this podcast episode is with two people involved in the production – the director, Catherine Stewart, and Emily Karel, who co-stars in the play and is also a producer.

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