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News of the week February 17, 2023

Tinley Expo, RV & Camping Show, Chicago Harbor (IL) Lighthouse headline Go & Show

Friday night, Feb. 17, the Chicago Maritime Museum has Kurt Lentsch, described as “a long-time Chicago boater and self-named Chief Dreamer and President of Friends of the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse,” presenting on plans to restore Chicago Light, as it is known to many.

Chicago Harbor, IL – USLHS archives

This is part of the Bridgeport Art Center’s Third Friday Open House, which is a cool event in and of itself, broader than just the museum, which is located next to Bubbly Creek on the lower level of the art center at 1200 W. 35th Sreet.

It is $5 for members, $10 for others. More at or call us (773) 376-1982.

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Large Lake Michigan waves batter Grand Haven (MI) lighthouse and pier

GRAND HAVEN, MI — Backed by strong wind gusts, whitecaps splashed up against Lake Michigan piers and lighthouses off the West Michigan shore.

Grand Haven, MI – USLHS archives

In Grand Haven, the large waves — some expected to reach 10 feet, according to the National Weather Service advisory for Wednesday — hit the Lake Michigan pier, sending spray up against the iconic, red lighthouse.

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‘We’re struggling’: Parking problems plague National Lighthouse Museum in St. George

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Parking problems are nothing new for Staten Islanders, but the city’s crackdown on illegal parking near one of the borough’s cultural institutions has some concerned about the effect it will have on visitors and volunteers.

National Lighthouse Museum – Jim Henderson wikimediacommons

For years, the National Lighthouse Museum’s volunteers and visitors have used the plaza and esplanade outside the waterfront location to park their cars given the dearth of other nearby parking spots.

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Permanent location permit issued for Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, CA

Feb. 13—The following is a release from the Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria and the Trinidad Civic Club:

Trinidad Head Replica, CA – Chad Kaiser

The Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria and the Trinidad Civic Club are pleased to announce that the CA Coastal Commission has unanimously approved the permit amendment to enable the Tribe and Civic Club to develop the current temporary site of the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse into a permanent fixed location. This development will include elevating the lighthouse on a raised concrete foundation with a total height of 24.5 feet (plus spire), a concrete wall and steel railing, a pedestrian walkway with a concrete pedestal to house the fog bell, two observation benches, a historic anchor, lighting, and utility connections to the existing harbor bathroom building.

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Luxury flat owners lose fight to dim famous Belgian Lange Nelle lighthouse

Which came first, the lighthouse or the luxury flats? That’s the question angry residents of Ostend have been asking as they fight to keep its famous Lange Nelle lighthouse on, after neighbours lobbied to have it blocked.

Oostende (Lange Nelle) Belgium – USLHS archives

Complaints from residents of the new apartments prompted the developer, Versluys Group, to lobby Belgium’s maritime agency to stop the beam. “We just want a normal night’s sleep. Not a bright flashlight that zooms over our duvet every ten seconds,” said one of the residents, many of whom are from outside Ostend.

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Point Bonita (CA) Lighthouse Hike

From the shores of San Francisco, you can just barely see the white walls of the lighthouse shine on the opposite bank across the bay. For years I looked at the Point Bonita Lighthouse tucked in the Marin Headlands and finally decided it was time to pay a visit.

Point Bonita, CA – J. Candace Clifford

Easier said than done, as this lighthouse has super odd times. Open only for a few hours each week, the parking lot gets full fast and the hike down can get a bit crowded. But, it’s so so so worth it, if anything to walk across that tiny suspension bridge hanging over the ocean waves for yourself.

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Museum at Night at Ponce Inlet (FL) Lighthouse

Participants will see stars even closer than usual from the National Historic Landmark Ponce Inlet Lighthouse at its 10th annual Museum at Night from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 4931 S. Peninsula Drive.

Ponce Inlet, FL – Ralph Krugler

And they won’t necessarily have to climb the 203 steps of the lighthouse tower to do so, although that’ll be an encouraged option, too.

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USACE New York District protects the Montauk Point Lighthouse, the First Lighthouse Built in New York State

U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, NEW YORK DISTRICT – The Montauk Point Lighthouse is the first lighthouse built in New York State. The lighthouse was designated a National Historic Landmark on March 5, 2012.

Montauk Point, NY – USLHS archives

Frank Verga, project manager at Montauk explained the status of the lighthouse, how the USACE got involved, and the significance of the lighthouse:

“In March 2006, the Corps completed and approved a feasibility study which recommended placement of a new stone revetment to cover the most critically eroding area of Montauk Point, in order to avoid the eventual total loss of the irreplaceable historic lighthouse and complex.  In response to the 2012 Hurricane Sandy event, the Corps completed and approved a reevaluation report in April 2017 which refined the design of the stone revetment and provided the authority to utilize Hurricane Sandy Federal funds for project construction (Public Law 113-2).  A Project Partnership Agreement was executed between the Corps and State of New York in January 2019, which cost-shares project design and construction at 65% Federal, and 35% Non-Federal.  The construction contract for the new stone revetment was awarded by the Corps in January 2021, and project construction was initiated March 2021.  Project construction is currently underway, with estimated completion by Fall 2023.

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The hi-tech Northern Lighthouse Board ship Pharos that navigates Scotland’s most treacherous waters, but is facing increasing weather disruptions

The Northern Lighthouse Board vessel looks after more than 200 lighthouses – all of which are now unstaffed – along with dozens of buoys, beacons and other navigational aids dotted around the country’s coasts, deploying its helicopter and two work boats to reach them.

Pharos, Scotland – The Carlisle Kid, wikimediacommons jpg

Pharos, named after the giant Egyptian lighthouse at Alexandria, which was regarded as one of the wonders of the ancient world, has a highly-manoeuvrable “dynamic positioning system” that is accurate to within 1m – crucial when operating near rocks and other hazards.

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Rare chance to become part-time lighthouse keeper to look after Kinnaird Head, Buchan Ness and Girdle Ness lights in Aberdeenshire for Northern Lighthouse Board, Scotland

A new custodian is being sought for three of Scotland’s most distinctive coastal landmarks – lighthouses which date back up to almost 200 years.

The Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) will launch a search on Wednesday for a retained lighthouse keeper to look after Kinnaird Head in Fraserburgh, Buchan Ness in Boddam and Girdle Ness, which guards Aberdeen Harbour, The Scotsman has learned.

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