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News of the week March 3, 2023

A spectacular moment captured on video: Florida’s Sanibel lighthouse is shining bright again

Standing 98-feet tall, the Sanibel Lighthouse, or Sanibel Light as many call it, has been dark for five months.

Sanibel Island, FL – Rich Buckner

That changed early Tuesday (Feb. 28) morning. Ahead of what was a spectacular sunrise on the eastern point of Sanibel, there was a relighting cermony for the famous and iconic lighthouse.

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Presque Isle (PA) Lighthouse nonprofit interested in taking on North Pier Light maintenance

The distinctive black and white, 35-foot-tall tower topped by a light on the end of the North Pier helps guide boats into and out of Presque Isle Bay.

Officially known as the Erie Harbor North Pier Light Structure and sometimes referred to as a lighthouse, it needs someone new to look out for it. The U.S. General Services Administration is seeking a nonprofit to manage and maintain the unique property, which is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and continues to serve as an active aid to navigation.

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Race to save Grand Manan’s Swallowtail (Canada) lighthouse grows more urgent

Newly discovered damage has added an even greater sense of urgency to the movement to save one of the province’s most well-known lighthouses.

Swallowtail, Canada – USLHS archives

Grand Manan’s Swallowtail lighthouse, which has long been in need of repairs, has recently suffered further damage, including water damage. Part of the structure’s plaster ceiling is falling apart.

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Discovery made during restoration of historic Sabine Pass (LA) Lighthouse stairwell

Cameron Parish, LA (KPLC) – Volunteers restoring the Sabine Pass Lighthouse in Cameron Parish have made an interesting discovery.

Many might not know of the antique relic that still stands tall in Cameron. The Sabine Pass Lighthouse has survived for well over a century and a half, weathering countless storms and even a few historic battles.

Sabine Pass, LA – USLHS archives

“Once Hurricane Ike had about 10 feet of water in the lighthouse, sloshing back and forth, the whole stairwell came down,” Cameron Preservation Alliance President Andrew Tingler said in a previous interview with 7News. “Rita also put a lot of bricks off around the sides. But, after that, it’s just been a slow deterioration through the elements- wind, rain and everything, slowly eating away at the structure.”

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Grand Manan man gets dream job at Machias Seal Island lighthouse, Canada

If lighthouses are your thing, a job on Machias Seal Island is a dream.

Just 19 kilometres southwest of Grand Manan, the 12-hectare island has been home to a lighthouse for almost two centuries.

Machias Seal Island Light, NB Canada – Robert Bachand

So, for Grand Manan’s Ken Ingersoll, a four-week stint tending to the remote lighthouse was a thrill from the moment he arrived.

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From crashed fighter plane to haunted Point of Ayr (Wales) lighthouse – The beaches offering more than just sand and sea

Talacre beach in Flintshire is a large expanse of sand on the northernmost point of Wales where the Dee Estuary meets the Irish sea. Talacre beach is one of the most recognisable locations in North Wales thanks to the iconic Point of Ayr lighthouse. 

Point of Ayr, Wales – USLHS archives

It is a grade II listed lighthouse dating back to 1776, which was decommissioned in 1884 and is now a residential property, rising 18 metres out of the sand. The area around the beach and dunes is a Site of special Scientific Interest with rare species including a collection of natterjack roads.

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Climbing To The Top Of Key West (FL) Lighthouse: A Breathtaking View Of The Island And The Sea

The stunning views from the top of the Key West Lighthouse are a sight to behold. With a climb of 88 iron steps, visitors find themselves perched atop the 18th-century structure, taking in the expansive, sweeping views of the surrounding area. Initially built in 1847, this lighthouse served as a beacon of safety for countless ships entering the port, warning them away from hazardous reefs. Today, adventurous travelers can take on the challenge of scaling this historic structure to experience a bird’s eye view of Key West like no other.

Key West, FL – USLHS archives

The observation platform offers an unparalleled view of the town’s famous sunsets, making it the perfect spot to catch the sun as it disappears below the horizon. For more than 100 years, lighthouse keepers kept watch from the top of this tower, ensuring the safety of sailors and the preservation of the historic structure. Now, visitors worldwide can follow in their footsteps and experience the thrill of climbing to the top of this iconic Key West landmark.

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St. Joseph Commissioners approve 2023 St. Joseph Pierhead (MI) Lighthouse Tours

St. Joseph City Commissioners have approved plans for lighthouse tours this year. At a Monday meeting, they heard from new Heritage Museum and Cultural Center Director Marco Tomasi. He said last year saw 2,400 visitors, with Sunday being the most popular day for tours. His proposal this year is to extend the Sunday hours and have tours later into September. Tomasi told us this should be a year for growth.

Saint Joseph North Pierhead Range, MI Thomas A Tag

“We want to continue offering tours, walk-in tours on the weekend and also appointments,” Tomasi said. “You can come in throughout the week and we’ll have somebody there. You can come in, you can tour the lower level for free, and then if you want to climb up to the upper levels and get that view of the lake, of the city, from the top of the lighthouse, then it’s $10 to climb up it and see.”

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Shores and Islands Ohio adds webcam at Marblehead (OH) Lighthouse

SANDUSKY – Shores and Islands Ohio, the destination marketing organization for Erie and Ottawa counties, has launched its eighth webcam, featuring Lake Erie views online.

Marblehead, OH – Dave Zapatka

The all-new Marblehead Lighthouse cam is live, with views of the lighthouse and pointing northeast towards Lake Erie, perfect for capturing the sunrise each morning. The webcam page, viewable at, is the most popular page on the site, visited more than 640,000 times in 2022. The much-loved webcams account for more than 20% of website traffic and visitors to the page spend upwards of 5 minutes taking in the views at each visit.

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UK Photographer Captures Wave With Perfect Face At A Lighthouse

Of the roughly 4,000 pictures photographer Ian Sproat took during a 12-hour-long shoot at Roker Pier in Sunderland, he stumbled upon something striking. According to a BBC report, the 41-year-old photographer from North Tyneside captured the shape of a face in a breaking wave at a lighthouse

Roker Pier, UK – Alexander P Knapp, wikimediacommons

“I just thought what the hell?” the photographer told the outlet. Two years ago, he started his photography journey to cope with mental health issues due to the coronavirus lockdown.

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Mattapoisett Wants to Buy Ned’s Point (MA) Lighthouse from Coast Guard

The town of Mattapoisett wants to acquire Ned’s Point Lighthouse from the U.S. Coast Guard, but gaining control of the federally owned structure could be complicated.

The problem has been brewing for years.

Ned’s Point, MA – Jeremy D’Entremont

Ned’s Point Lighthouse sits on town-owned land, but it is owned by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 63. The issue is that the Coast Guard doesn’t have the immediate necessary funding to properly maintain the structure, causing enough concern from locals that a grassroots restoration effort called The Friends of Ned’s Point Lighthouse was launched in 2019.

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Coastal Charms: Oregon’s 11 Most Majestic Lighthouses

Ready for an adventure? Tour some of Oregon’s most iconic lighthouses for a unique experience! Discover their history and explore stunning Pacific Ocean views along the way. We already know the Oregon Coast is one of the best places to visit in the Beaver State, and if you’re going to visit anytime soon you’ll definitely want to check out the incredible lighthouses — in all, there’s a total of eleven Oregon coast lighthouses.

Yaquina Head, OR – Chad Kaiser

Many of these have been restored, and offer a look back into Oregon’s past.  Two of them, Cleft of the Rock Lighthouse and Pelican Bay Lighthouse, were created by lighthouse enthusiasts.

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