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Light Hearted ep 222 – Point No Point, Washington

Point No Point is at the north end of Washington’s Kitsap Peninsula in the small town of Hansville. Construction of a lighthouse at Point No Point began in April 1879. Point No Point is the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound, and it consists of a square 30-foot-tall brick and stucco tower between an attached office and a fog signal building.

Point No Point Lighthouse at sunrise. Photo by Jeremy D’Entremont

In the late 1990s, the last Coast Guard personnel left Point No Point and the property was leased to Kitsap County Parks and Recreation. The county created the 60-acre Point No Point Park. The U.S. Lighthouse Society relocated its headquarters to the keeper’s house at Point No Point in 2008. One side of the duplex house is the Society’s offices and the other side has overnight accommodations open to the public.

The keepers’ house at Point No Point. Photo by Jeremy D’Entremont.

There are two interviews in this episode, and the first is with three people. Dave Anderson is the president of the Friends of Point No Point Lighthouse. Lori Raymaker is the docent coordinator for the organization, and Shelly Douglas is a past president. The second interview is with Al Bryant , an architect with special expertise in historic preservation projects. Al is on the board of directors of the Friends of Point No Point Lighthouse and he’s overseeing the current plans for a restoration of the lighthouse buildings. USLHS executive director Jeff Gales takes part in both interviews along with host Jeremy D’Entremont.

Sunrise on the beach at Point No Point. Photo by Jeremy D’Entremont.

4 thoughts on “Light Hearted ep 222 – Point No Point, Washington

  1. Hi, this was very interesting. I have visited Point No Point light house along with all the lighthouses along the coast and have stayed in the Dungeness light house as the keeper. I have always loved the stories of the lighthouse keepers and enjoyed this one. I want to thank all of you for all you do to keep the lights on in these historic giants. Every time I go in one to visit, my heart takes a leap.

  2. Hi everyone
    We are looking for a cabin/home in point no point area. We are 2 nurses and love lighthouses and whales, if you know someone thinking of leaving , would you think of us?
    We have a condo in port Townsend that we could trade in part
    Holly and Mary

    1. Hi Holly – I have forwarded your message to the pertinent people, along with your email address. Good luck!

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