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Light Hearted ep 227 – Barry Porter, “Adventures of a Lightkeeper” (Newfoundland) pt 3 of 3

Courtesy of Barry Porter

Barry Porter was born into a farming family in Porterville, on the north coast of Newfoundland, Canada. After working as a welder, Barry applied to be a relief lighthouse keeper with the Canadian Coast Guard. He spent the next 23 years working as a lightkeeper in four different locations. He has written about his colorful career in a new book, Adventures of a Lightkeeper.

Barry Porter and his wife Alice at Bacalhao Island Lighthouse. Courtesy of Barry Porter.

Stephanie Collins writes in the Miramichi Reader about Barry’s book: “Adventures of A Lightkeeper by Barry Porter is, quite simply, a romantic recounting of the maritime lifestyle of light keeping on the rugged northeast coastline of Newfoundland. Written with passion and great respect for the solitary life such a profession brings, Porter’s book opens the door to these beautiful beacons of light and provides an exclusive tour of these lonely behemoths and the mystique for which they have become famous.”

This is part 3 of a three part interview.

Barry Porter at Puffin Island Light Station, Newfoundland. Courtesy of Barry Porter.

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