U.S. Lighthouse Society 2018 Calendar

calendar cover lores
Cover photo is “Pemaquid Point Milky Way” by Robert Kausch

This Calendar Supports Lighthouses!

Lighthouses are generally located in beautiful settings, making them both popular tourist destinations and ideal subjects for photographers. In 2017, The United States Lighthouse Society challenged its members to submit lighthouse photos in the 10 categories listed below.


The first-ever U.S. Lighthouse Society calendar features photographs by 14 talented Society photographers — Robert Kausch, Ed Boesiger, John J. Young, James Hill, Mindy Margaritis, Dan Reiss, Elizabeth A. Burns-Hausrath, Lisa Mintz, Dave Waller, Rich Buckner, Sharon Jones, Ken Dinsmore, Bill Hammond, and Vivianne Gifford. The 14 images selected for this 2018 calendar represent a variety of construction types, geographical locations, and artistic perspectives. Each photographer provided a quote about the subject of the photo or his or her experience taking it. Their love of lighthouses is apparent in both their images and the captions they provided. We appreciate both their talent and their enthusiasm for the subject matter!

Honorable mentions go to Kim Fahlen, Bethany Baker, Henry Harding, Michael R. Douglas, John David Bruha, Jim Conklin, Jeff Keefer, and Bruce Wilbur.

Click here to see winning images.


The Society developed the following categories or photo themes to challenge its members to take different types of photos and perhaps view a lighthouse with a new eye.

Click on the links below to see galleries of submissions.

o   Black and white

o   Detail

o  Interior 

o  Landscape

o   Preservation project or special event

o   Reflection

o   Sunrise / sunset

o   Technology

o   Unusual angle or perspective

o   Weather

Ordering Information

Calendars may be purchased from the Society at $14.95 plus $5.00 for shipping. (Add $2 shipping for each additional copy.) To order online, goto the Keeper’s Locker. You can also order by phone, 415-362-7255, or send a check to U.S. Lighthouse Society, 9005 Point No Point Rd, NE, Hansville, WA 98340.

We are so proud to showcase the talents of our Society photographers. We hope this calendar will inspire others to visit lighthouses and be motivated to support efforts to preserve them.