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Supporting Lighthouse Preservation

The U.S. Lighthouse Society encourages its members to support the lighthouses in their community. If you aren’t committed to a specific lighthouse, please consider supporting the Society’s Preservation Grants Program. In 2016 a total of $35,000 in grants was awarded through this program, drawing on the interest from a still-growing investment fund that the U.S. Lighthouse… Continue reading Supporting Lighthouse Preservation

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U.S. Lighthouse Society Digitizes Lighthouse Plans

Candace CliffordCandace was the US Lighthouse Society historian from 2016 until she passed away in August 2018.  For 30 years, her work involved lighthouse history.  She worked with the National Park Service and the Council of American Maritime Museums. She was a noted author and was considered the most knowledgable person on lighthouse information at… Continue reading U.S. Lighthouse Society Digitizes Lighthouse Plans