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Isle of Man Lighthouses

Douglas Head Lighthouse
Douglas Head Lighthouse, Isle of Man. Photo by Skip Sherwood

Last July Skip Sherwood led a U.S. Lighthouse Society tour through Wales and the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. Skip wrote an article about this trip that was featured in the Northern Lighthouse Board‘s magazine The Journal (Christmas 2016).  The NLB has granted us permission to share it with you. Here is the article link: U.S. Lighthouse Society Tours: Isle of Man Lighthouses.

Skip Sherwood at Point Bonita Lighthouse, California
Skip Sherwood at Point Bonita Lighthouse, California

Skip has been volunteering for the U.S. Lighthouse Society since 2007. He and his wife, Mary Lee, have been responsible for developing and leading many lighthouse tours in addition to processing memberships and contributing to the ongoing development of the Society’s website and Passport Club. Skip oversees the Society’s increasingly popular Passport Program and its 19 regional volunteers. Through the program’s website and periodic newsletters, over 3,500 Club members are kept up to date on the availability of stamps at over 450 participating locations.

A big thank you to Skip and Mary Lee for all there wonderful work on behalf of the Society!

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