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Old Baldy Celebrates 200th Birthday

BIRTHDAYFLYERThe folks at the Old Baldy Foundation are hosting a party on Saturday, April 15, 2017, to celebrate the anniversary of the construction of their 200-year-old tower. The tower has undergone numerous repairs to make her look her best for this important event (see Old Baldy Prepares for 200th Birthday published in November 2016).

The oldest lighthouse in North Carolina, the current Bald Head Lighthouse was constructed in 1817 at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. It replaced an earlier tower that was lit on December 23, 1794, to guide shipping into the port of Wilmington via the Cape Fear River. The earlier tower was lost to erosion.

still picture identifier; 26-LG-26-9
Bald Head Lighthouse in 1893. National Archives photo 26-LG-26-9
Daniel S. Way offered to construct the proposed brick and stucco tower for $14,700. The Connecticut builder received the contract. Letter from Daniel Way to Commissioner of the Revenue Samuel H. Smith found in National Archives Record Group 26

Bald Head NC 2001 by JCC (3)

Bald Head NC 2001 by JCC (16)
This plaque above the entrance recognizes Daniel S. Way as the builder. The R. Cochran Foundry most likely provided the lantern. Photos by Candace Clifford, 2001

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