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National Archives Creates Lighthouse Coloring Book

Lighthouse Coloring Book Cover
The National Archives has put together a coloring book based on architectural drawings of lighthouses found in Record Group 26. What a great way to engage kids (of any age) with lighthouses!

The downloadable PDF is available here or by going to their website at  The Archives is encouraging folks to share their creations on Twitter by using the hashtag #ColorOurCollections and tagging @usnatarchives. Alternatively, send your creations to me at and I may share them too!

You can explore more architectural and maritime images in the Archives’ online Catalog.

Submitted by Candace Clifford, February 19, 2018

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2 thoughts on “National Archives Creates Lighthouse Coloring Book

  1. This is nice. But the illustration labeled as Franklin Island Lighthouse, Maine, is definitely not Franklin Island, Maine. There was never a structure like that in that location.

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