U.S. Lighthouse Society 2019 Calendar – This Calendar Supports Lighthouses!

#3 Calendar 2015
Front Cover: Barnegat, NJ – Edward Hewitt

Lighthouses are not only important historical structures representing our maritime heritage, they are also architectural wonders. Located in stunning picturesque locations, they are inspirational in nature and are often lovingly memorialized by all kinds of artists including writers, photographers, and film makers.

Simply “being” at a lighthouse and enjoying its surrounding property is a deeply meaningful experience to most, and something that creates a lasting memory. This year we challenged our members to present their best photos in seven different categories.

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Here are the photos that were selected for the 2019 calendar:

01 Weather - South_Haven MI_by_Michael_McKinney
Weather: South Haven, MI – Michael McKinney
02 Tech - Jupiter_Lighthouse_FL_2014_by_Christine_Pabst
Technology: Jupiter, FL – Christine Pabst
03 Pres Project - Sandy Point Shoal_Dave Jurgensen
Preservation Project: Sandy Point Shoal, MD – David Jurgensen
04 Reflection - Spurn_Lightship_Hull_England_2017_by_Yvette_Dills
Reflection: Spurn Lightship, Hull, England – Yvette Dills
05 Landscape - Castillo_San_Filipe_Del_Morro_Lighthouse_in_Puerto_Rico_2...
Landscape: Castillo San Filipe Del Morro, Puerto Rico – Michael Smith
06 Landscape - Mobile_Bay_AL_2014_by_Rich_Buckner
Landscape: Mobile Bay, Alabama – Rich Buckner
07 Abstract - Anclote Key _Carlene Bruha .
Abstract: Anclote Key, FL – John Bruha
08 Sunrise - Hillsboro_Inlet_2013-01-06._Ralph Krugler
Sunrise – Hillsboro Inlet, FL – Ralph Krugler
09 Abstract - FoweyRocksFL2015byEric_S._Martin
Abstract – Fowey Rocks, FL – Eric Martin

10 Reflection - Boston_Harbor_MA_2012_by_Rick_Schneider
Reflection – Boston Harbor, MA – Rick Schneider
11 Grand Haven Lights, MI by Bill Bates
Weather – Grand Haven Lights, MI – Bill Bates
12 Weather - Port Austin Reef_Hallie Wilson
Port Austin Reef, MI – Hallie Wilson
000 Back Cover -Reflection - New_Canal_LA_2018_by_David_Zapatka
Back Cover: New Canal, LA – David Zapatka

 2019 Honorable Mention

Russ Katje, Betty Veronico, Jeannette O’Neal, Dave Waller, Michael Douglas, Michael Unruh

A big thank you to all of you who submitted your wonderful photos! 

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