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Ardnamurchan Lighthouse, Scotland, U.S. Lighthouse Society archives

Two people wanted to record migrating whales at remote Ardnamurchan Lighthouse in Scotland

Two people are wanted for a “once in a lifetime experience” to record migrating whales at the most westerly point on the British mainland. A quarter of the world’s whale and dolphin species live off the Scottish coast.

The job description asks, “Are you looking to gain valuable work experience, and play an active role in marine conservation? Are you interested in living and working at a lighthouse in a remote but beautiful part of Scotland?”

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Would you like 160,000 people dropping by your house each year? Here’s the job for you

As reported here recently, Lee Radzak has retired after 36 years as the site manager at Minnesota’s iconic Split Rock Lighthouse, on Lake Superior. His position is still open to the right applicant.

Split Rock Lighthouse early photo
Split Rock Lighthouse, National Archives image 26-LG-53-38

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Phase 3 of Nubble restoration to be on May ballot

Phases 1 and 2 of a three phase restoration of the famous Cape Neddick “Nubble” Light Station in York, Maine, were completed last year, and phase 3 of the work will be on a town ballot in May. If approved, the work will be carried out a short time later by the J.B. Leslie Company, completing an overall restoration of nearly $290,000 paid for primarily by funds generated by gift shop revenue.

Cape Neddick “Nubble” Light Station, established in 1879. Photo by Jeremy D’Entremont

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Sand Key Lighthouse, Florida, up for auction

One of the famed Florida reef lights is up for auction. Two of the most famous names in American lighthouse history had a hand in the building of the 1853 Sand Key Lighthouse — the civil engineer I. W. P. Lewis, who was its architect, and Lt. George Gordon Meade, who was its builder along with the John F. Riley Iron Works. The wrought-iron screwpile tower stands 132 feet tall, almost seven miles southwest of Key West. The keeper’s quarters were removed due to damage from a fire that occurred in 1989.

Sand Key Lighthouse
Sand Key Lighthouse in 1996, U.S. Lighthouse photo by Ralph Eshelman

Sand Key was one of six Florida reef lighthouses offered to a suitable new steward under the guidelines of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act last October, but there were no takers. The online auction is run by the General Services Administrations, and at this writing there is a single bid of $15,000.

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Staten Island Lighthouse (NY) licensed to National Lighthouse Museum

Staten Island Lighthouse, photo by Jeremy D’Entremont

Joe Esposito was the longtime caretaker of the iconic Staten Island Lighthouse on Lighthouse Hill in the New York City borough of Staten Island. Esposito died in 2005, but his family has now partnered with the National Lighthouse Museum on Staten Island to ensure the future care of the lighthouse he loved. “I am so honored to say that the legacy of my father, ‘Lighthouse Joe,’ will continue through his children and grandchildren who will now care for the lighthouse as he did,” said Elizabeth A. Campbell (nee Esposito). “Thanks to the partnership with the National Lighthouse Museum, my father’s memory will be preserved.”

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Wicklow Head Lighthouse in Ireland is now on AirBnB

You have to check this out

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Watch for the new USLHS podcast, “Light Hearted,” coming in early June!

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  1. Sand Key Lighthouse did have a taker, but the National Parks Service said we (the Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation) did not have enough experience, which we of course we disagree with their opinion…so we are now bidding for it at the auction. Donations can be made via the website at OR Go Fund Me, search under FKRLF Or write a check to F K R L F , 1067 Drift Creek Cove, Orlando, FL 32828

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