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Light Hearted – Episode 1, Sophie Blackall, “Hello Lighthouse”

This premiere episode of the new U.S. Lighthouse Society podcast, with host Jeremy D’Entremont and co-host Cindy Johnson, was recorded at the Exeter Inn in Exeter, New Hampshire. In the first episode, Jeremy and Cindy talk about the origins of navigation in early society, and there’s a trivia question with prizes to be sent to the first two listeners with the correct answer. Entries should be emailed to, and it should be specified that the entry is answering the trivia question in Light Hearted episode 1.

The featured interview is with Sophie Blackall, the award winning author and illustrator of the children’s book “Hello Lighthouse.” The charming book, winner of the 2019 Caldecott Medal as the most distinguished American picture book of the year for children, opens with the lines, “On the highest rock of a tiny island at the edge of the world stands a lighthouse. It is built to last forever.”

Co-host Cindy Johnson, operations manager of Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouses

We hope you enjoy this new podcast. There will be new episodes every Monday, with extra episodes some weeks. Future episodes will include interviews with lighthouse preservationists, historians, and authors from around the U.S., and even from other countries.

If you have ideas for features, you can email Jeremy at

10 thoughts on “Light Hearted – Episode 1, Sophie Blackall, “Hello Lighthouse”

  1. Met Jeremy D’Entremont, this past weekend with my granddaughter at Portsmouth Harbor lighthouse. First lighthouse we have ever been in!! Awesome!! He shared with us this podcast, which I just listened to, Light Hearted, Episode 1. I think we may have found a fascinating new pastime!! Reading, learning,and visiting lighthouses!! Thank you

    1. Hi Charles! It was a pleasure meeting you and your granddaughter yesterday, and thank you so much for your nice comment! Glad you enjoyed your visit to Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse as well as the podcast. Visiting and learning about lighthouses is a great pastime!

    1. Sandy Hook is the oldest standing lighthouse tower in the U.S. But I’m not sure what you’re asking; please clarify.

  2. Enjoyed this first Podcast and look forward to the next one. Well done, very informative and as we say in the Navy BRAVO ZULU.

  3. I love lighthouses, especially the ones I can climb, photograph, and learn about it’s history! I wish all Lighthouses would be open, but I understand if a family has privately bought one and doesn’t care to have the public see it.
    I have a lighthouse Passport, & I have all the stamps in my passport from the lighthouses I have visited. I have been to most Lighthouses along the Florida Atlantic Ocean, several lighthouses in Door County, Wisconsin, and now we have explored 3 lighthouses on the North Shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota as well as the several in Duluth, Minnesota, and its close surroundings!
    It is great to have a hobby like this. I want to fill my lighthouse passport.
    I definitely want to explore some of the lighthouses on the Atlantic northeastern shore. Please let me know some of the Must see lighthouses & locations of them that I must explore.
    I am also hoping to explore some of the South Carolina lighthouses on the South Carolina border while we are wintering in Florida.

  4. This was a wonderful Ep. 1 of the new podcast; love the title too. While I’m not at all steeped in the history of the lighthouses, I too, have always been fascinated and intrigued by them. Whenever I travel, I always look for one to go visit. I think this podcast is a wonderful way to get more people to interested. I look forward to the next episode.
    PS-I’m going to buy the book for myself, even though it’s a children’s book.

    1. So glad you liked it, thank you for the nice comment. You will love “Hello Lighthouse.”

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