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Stratford Point Light Station, Connecticut. U.S. Lighthouse Society photo by Skip Sherwood.

Stratford Point Light Station (CT) might be opened to public

An agreement between the Town of Stratford, Connecticut, and the U.S. Coast Guard could lead to improved pubic access to the Stratford Point Light Station.

Mayor Laura Hoydick said she hopes to see the location become available to the public after some restoration work is performed at the half-acre property at the end of Prospect Drive in Lordship. Coast Guard personnel lived on the property until 1978, when the station was automated.

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Reconstruction of Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse is completed

Hannibal Parks & Recreation

The Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse was originally built in Hannibal, Missouri, for Mark Twain’s 100th birthday in 1935. It was rebuilt in 1960 after being destroyed by high winds. A $135,000 reconstruction has been completed, and the latest version includes LED floodlights that will show different colors, depending on the occasion.

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Two lighthouse properties for sale in Maine

The keeper’s house at Isle au Haut and the entire lighthouse/keeper’s house at Maine’s Winter Harbor Light Station are currently up for sale.

Isle au Haut lighthouse and keeper’s house, Maine. Photo by Jeremy D’Entremont.

At Isle au Haut, the listing ($1,975,000) reads: “Originally built in 1907, the white-washed Keeper’s House maintains its original charm and offers incredible sunsets and outstanding views of the ocean and the majestic lighthouse. Currently operated as the popular Keeper’s House inn, the property is ideal for commercial use or as a spectacular summer residence.”

Winter Harbor Lighthouse, Maine. Photo by Jeremy D’Entremont.

The listing for Winter Harbor ($2,300,000) reads: “This is a rare opportunity to own a private Maine Island in the heart of Acadia, complete with historic lighthouse and 3-bedroom light keeper’s house. The Winter Harbor Lighthouse on Mark Island has been a summer home for island lovers for over 75 years. Along with the updated pier and float, solar power, upgraded water systems, wood stoves, and continual improvements over the years, the keeper’s house integrates the comfort of modern amenities with the sea-faring flavor of an island lighthouse. Encircled by pink granite ledges, Mark Island offers ever-changing waterviews of Schoodic Point and Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.”

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Hiking Spain’s Lighthouse Way

Cape Vilan Lighthouse, Spain (USLHS)

Looking for an unusual vacation? How about an eight-to-ten-day hike along Spain’s 125-mile Lighthouse Way?

If that sounds a little too strenuous, you can read this fascinating article describing the experience.

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Historic move of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, NC, took place 20 years ago

On June 17, 1999, the move began for the 4,830-ton Cape Hatteras Lighthouse after much planning and preparation. The move was completed by International Chimney Corp. of New York and Expert House Movers of Maryland on July 9, 1999, 23 days later. Today, the lighthouse stands approximately 1,600 feet from the ocean.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in 1989, 10 years before the move. USLHS photo by Ralph Eshelman.

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Two Fresnel lenses removed from Wisconsin lighthouses

Two historic Fresnel lenses in Wisconsin lighthouses — at the Algoma and Kewaunee Pierhead lighthouses — have been replaced by modern LED optics. One of the Fresnel lenses will go to Milwaukee’s North Point Lighthouse Museum, and the other is going to the Kewaunee County Historical Center.

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“We are so lucky to be doing this job and see things that nobody else sees”

There are more than 250 still-active lighthouses in the United Kingdom. Thirty-year-old Scott Tacchi, from Cornwall, is a lighthouse technician who maintains the lights. He also happens to be a very talented journalist and photographer.

Check out his work in this story.

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  1. Jeremy, just browsed over the Lighthouses listed and I have enjoyed the viewing.
    I have visited a few lighthouses in Australia where I am from.
    Some 36 years ago plus some I attended an Auction in Brisbane, Australia where the Australian Maritime auctioned off their “Non required Lighthouse components”.
    I made a bid on a crate of Lenses and the bid was successful so I became a self appointed “Lighthouse Keeper” . The lenses’ are Chance Brothers 1st Order upper lenses x 2 off and a 1st Order mid lenses. They have been mounted on a mobile base.
    I can send a photo’s. Cheers Graham

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