The Kerosene Keeper: The world’s last traditional lighthouse keeper & Hurricane Dorian.

The lighthouse on Elbow Cay in Abaco, Bahamas, is special in that it is the home to the last kerosene burning fixture in the world, with its keeper Jeffery and a society (ERLS) dedicated to keeping it going the way it has for over 150 years. When monster Category 5 Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas in early September 2019, it left in its path hundreds missing and thousands homeless. When all hope seemed lost, with true Bahamian community grit, a plan to turn the tides was underway in the small settlement of Hope Town, where the lighthouse is located.This inspirational documentary will show you the power of community, the strength of resilience, and that “when there is hope, there is always a chance.”

This documentary gives you an inside look at the life of Principal Keeper Jeffery Forbes Jr. and a glimpse of the responsibilities of the ERLS Team. Tyler Roberts, a Bahamian filmmaker in Nassau, spent his young life living between the Bahamas, Spain and Florida, having attended schools in all three locales. He had a camera in his hand from a young age and his passion to be behind the lens has grown over the years. Interest in travel, cultures, languages and taking the road less travelled, while documenting the same, were fueled during his college years. Having graduated from the Business School at Florida State University, his interest in making films that inform, while they entertain, has only accelerated.

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