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Light Hearted ep 102 – Richard Cummins, lighthouse keeper in Ireland, pt 2

This is part two of a two part interview with Richard Cummins, a native of Ireland who worked as a lighthouse keeper in that country for a decade. He spent time at the very famous Fastnet Rock Lighthouse; at Hook Head, the oldest operating lighthouse in the world, and some other well known light stations – more than 20 in all.

Here’s a video tour of Fastnet Rock Lighthouse, one of the places where Richard served as a keeper.

A Tour of the Fastnet Lighthouse from Peter Cox on Vimeo.

Some beautiful footage of Fastnet:

Click here for more fascinating short films of Irish lighthouses.

Use the player below to listen to the podcast:

4 thoughts on “Light Hearted ep 102 – Richard Cummins, lighthouse keeper in Ireland, pt 2

  1. Hi Jeremy,
    I loved your interview with Richard Cummins.
    Regards to all who have a love of Lighthouses and the people who worked in them.
    Thank you,
    Eddie Fitzgerald, SAK 578.

    1. Thanks, Eddie! Glad you liked it. Richard was great, definitely one of my favorite interviews. Stay tuned — there might be a part three.

  2. Love your interview with Richard cummins ! Very informative! Is there somewhere where I can follow your podcasts ?

    1. They’re all here in this news blog, starting with the latest episodes and working backwards. This link will omit everything in the blog other than the podcast episodes: It’s also available on many popular sites that feature podcasts, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts,,,,,, and many others. These sites allow you to subscribe so you’ll get news of new episodes. And if you have a podcast app on your smartphone, simply search for “Light Hearted” and you will find all the episodes, and you can also subscribe through these apps.

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