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Light Hearted ep 103 – Photographer Pete Lerro

Pete Lerro is a graduate of Temple University in Pennsylvania, where he studied video, audio, and photography. In his career as a photographer, Pete has done work for the Department of Homeland Security, the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, and USA Gymnastics, among others. When he’s not on assignment, he organizes photo workshops across the country. With Pete’s unique workshops, guests can expect special access, private photo sessions, and a night of professional photography seminars. During some of the workshops, for example, railroads and museums are rented out for the evening. And there’s always one-on-one interaction with Pete for the guests taking part in the workshop.

Split Rock Lighthouse, Lake Superior, Minnesota, November 2020.
Photo by Pete Lerro.
“Keeper of the Light” photo at Seguin Island, Maine. Photo by Pete Lerro.

Among Pete’s events coming up this year are lighthouse photo workshops on Long Island, New York, in Oregon, and in California. There’s also a special one in the works to photograph the famous twin lights on Thacher Island, Massachusetts. During these workshops, participants learn how to take great pictures at night by utilizing the light of the moon and stars. Pete has also done a series of “Lighthouse Keeper” photos utilizing a reproduction Lighthouse Service uniform and props like a handheld lantern and a spyglass. Participants in his lighthouse workshops get a chance to feel like they’re stepping back in time by creating unique photos like these.

Along with lighthouses, Pete’s extensive portfolio includes landscapes, railroads, cityscapes, historical reenactments, portraits, and more. You can see many of his photos and find out more about his workshops on his website at

Joining in this conversation with Pete Lerro and host Jeremy D’Entremont is Jeff Gales, executive director of the U.S. Lighthouse Society.

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