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Light Hearted ep 173 – Pam Setchell & Michelle Miroff, Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society, New York

In 1857, a lighthouse was built at the tip of Lloyd’s Neck at the entrance to Lloyd Harbor, on the North Shore of Long Island, New York. Lloyd Harbor often served as a place of refuge for ships escaping rough conditions on Long Island Sound. The first structure, known as Lloyd Harbor Lighthouse, was considered inadequate. A new lighthouse to serve mariners entering Lloyd Harbor and adjoining Huntington Harbor was established in 1912. Built of reinforced concrete, the Beaux Arts style of the Huntington Harbor Lighthouse makes it look like a small castle.

Huntington Harbor Lighthouse, New York. USLHS photo.

After automation the structure fell into disrepair. As a result of a 1983 survey, the light was deemed unsafe for the Coast Guard personnel who serviced it, and it was considered too expensive to repair. The Coast Guard considered demolishing the lighthouse and erecting a steel tower in its place. In 1985, a group called Save Huntington’s Lighthouse was formed to save the structure. Now known as the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society, the group continues to enlist volunteers and raise funds for ongoing preservation work. It was discovered in 2008 that the foundation of the lighthouse was badly deteriorated, and a major restoration has been completed in recent years.

Early 1900s postcard of Lloyd Harbor Light Station. USLHS archives.
Pam Setchell

Pamela Setchell is the president of the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society, and she’s also the owner of a consulting company with more than 22 years’ experience corporate and commercial websites and printed products through photography.

Michele Miroff

Also participating in this interview is Michele Miroff, the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society’s recording secretary.

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