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News of the week September 2, 2022

A look inside the Grand Haven, MI lighthouse

GRAND HAVEN  — It’s an iconic staple of Grand Haven, but have you ever had the chance to go inside? We are talking about the lighthouse that’s lived at the end of the pier for more than 100 years.

Grand Haven South Pierhead, photo by Ralph Eshelman

It’s the cherry on the top at the end of the pier. Both lighthouses stand tall, weathering every storm.

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Historic St. Simons Georgia lighthouse celebrating 150th anniversary this weekend

The lighthouse on St. Simons Island opened in 1872 to replace an earlier version destroyed during the Civil War.

St. Simons Lighthouse, photo by Jerry Biggs

Standing 104 feet (32 meters) tall and capable of projecting its light beam 23 miles (37 kilometers) out to sea, the coastal landmark is still used to help ships navigate St. Simons Sound.

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Who Wants to Buy a Historic Maryland Lighthouse in the Chesapeake Bay?

Buying a pirate ship houseboat? Tired. Buying a 120-year-old Chesapeake Bay lighthouse? Wired.

Hooper Island Lighthouse, photo by Ralph Eshelman

On your list labeled “Things I Didn’t Know I Needed Until I Saw Them on the Internet,” add the Hooper Island Lighthouse, which the federal government is currently auctioning off. The 1902 lighthouse, located west of Maryland’s Middle Hooper Island, sits in 18 feet of water and rises 63 feet above the bay. Bidding starts at $15,000.

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Seven Beautiful Portraits of the Holland Harbor, MI, Big Red Lighthouse That Will Inspire You

Holland, Michigan.  The place that I call home is also the home to Big Red.  This beautiful small town in West Michigan lies nestled along the shore of Lake Michigan.  Because we live within just a few minutes of Holland State Park, I naturally get plenty of opportunities to head to the beach.

Holland Harbor Lighthouse, photo USLHS archives

The highlight of our lovely beach is the Holland Harbor Lighthouse, commonly referred to in these parts as “Big Red”.  Folks come from far and wide to get a peek at Big Red.  The sign placed across the channel from her gives a brief history.  You can read a more thorough history HERE.  If you park in the designated area at the State Park and walk down the path toward the pier, Big Red sits majestically to your left.  Photography tip:  Place focus on your subject in front.  Use a large aperture (smaller #) to allow the background to appear a bit softer in focus.

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First African-American lighthouse keeper featured in exhibit at S.I. National Lighthouse Museum

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The Staten Island National Lighthouse Museum, St. George, has installed a new permanent exhibit that tells the story of the nation’s first African-American lighthouse keeper.

Willis A. Hodges, image USLHS archives

Willis Augustus Hodges served as the lighthouse keeper for the Cape Henry Lighthouse at Fort Story, Va., from May 10 to July 26, 1870, according to The permanent exhibit tells the story of Hodges’ bravery and heroism 

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Don’t forget the USLHS art challenge going on right now on Instagram!

The USLHS art challenge is up and running. We’re featuring the west coast and Pacific Territories. Submit any drawings, paintings, digital art, 3D art, or just get creative!

Paper art submission!

This amazing piece is 27 layers of paper. Let’s see your creativity! Hop on Instagram and show your west coast lighthouse art today!

Other regions of the country will be featured in the future!

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Blaze destroys roof of derelict house near Leasowe (England) Lighthouse

FIREFIGHTERS tackled a blaze that destroyed the roof of a derelict house near Leasowe Lightouse last night.

Leasowe Lighthouse, Merseyside, England, photo USLHS archives

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18-meter Flag of Ukraine unfolded at Vorontsov Lighthouse in Odesa

On the occasion of Day of the National Flag, a huge Flag of Ukraine has been unfolded at the Vorontsov Lighthouse in the city of Odesa.

Vorontsov Lighthouse, photo by George Chernilevsky (wikimediacommons)

The relevant statement was made on Facebook by Natalia Mazharova, an organizer of the Vyshyvanka Festival in Odesa, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

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ShackStream: Lighthouse Keeper game tasks us with coastal safety on Indie-licious

We’ll be tending to the care and maintenance of a lighthouse to ensure the safety of the seas on today’s episode of Indie-licious.

If you have to play a video game, why not be a lighthouse keeper? TJ Denzer takes you though a walkthrough of a new video game where you run a lighthouse, make sure it doesn’t fall into disrepair and also keep yourself alive.

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