Light Hearted

Light Hearted ep 203 – Podcasters Emma Choi and Kylie Low

Emma Choi

The guests in this episode are the hosts of their own highly successful podcasts. Emma Choi is a comic and writer and host of the weekly short-form comedy National Public Radio podcast Everyone & Their Mom. In 2021, Emma joined the NPR program Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! as an intern. She worked with the Wait Wait team to create the podcast Everyone & Their Mom, which began airing in February 2022. Emma is set to graduate from Harvard University in 2023 with a major in English and, she claims, a minor in tomfoolery.

Kylie Low

Kylie Low is a podcast manager and content creator based in Portland, Maine. She’s the executive producer of the chart-topping Goal Digger Podcast and she hosts her own show, Dark Downeast — a true crime podcast dedicated to the stories of Maine and New England.

Light Hearted host Jeremy D’Entremont has appeared on Dark Downeast discussing lighthouse ghost stories and other topics. The Everyone & Their Mom crew visited Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse in New Hampshire this past October for a segment. In this episode, Kylie and Emma discuss their ideas about attracting a younger and broader demographic to lighthouse preservation.

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