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News of the week December 30, 2022

Historic Portland Head (ME) lighthouse extensively damaged in last week’s storm

The waves from Friday’s storm crashed over Fort Williams Park’s rocks and smashed into the lighthouse, causing extensive damage.

Portland Head, ME – J. Candace Clifford

The Portland Head Light museum’s front room has damage to the counter, register and carpeting from the water.

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Photos: Frozen Lake Michigan lighthouse is breathtakingly beautiful (especially from your cozy couch)

ST. JOSEPH, MI – The Christmas week blizzard is finished and we’re looking at a big warm-up this week. That means, now’s your chance to take in Michigan’s winter beauty before it’s gone.

St. Joseph, MI – USLHS archives

You could bundle up and go out to see the frozen winter wonderland for yourself, or you could leave it our MLive photographers. Photographer Gracie Smith took a trip to Silver Beach County Park and Tiscornia Park in St. Joseph today. Take a look at the gallery above and video below to see what the blizzard made of one Lake Michigan lighthouse.

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Pancake Ice Floats Near Frozen South Haven (MI) Lighthouse on Lake Michigan Shore

A Michigan resident captured footage of “pancake ice” floating along the Lake Michigan shoreline in South Haven on December 27, after a severe winter storm brought large waves and freezing temperatures to the area.

South Haven, MI – USLHS archives

Drone footage posted to YouTube by John Flynn shows icy conditions near the South Haven Lighthouse on Tuesday, when the low temperature was 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 Celsius). Credit: John Flynn via Storyful

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Want to live on a private island in the Bay? East Brother (CA) lighthouse looks for Keepers

On the surface, it may sound like a dream job.

East Brother, CA – USLHS archives

A charming bed and breakfast on a private island in San Rafael Bay, at the entrance of San Francisco Bay, is now looking for a pair of people to run the operation. The pair will have room and board, access to a boat, and split a six figure salary.

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Showcasing the Michigan DNR: Of Tawas Point (MI) lighthouse keepers and birdwatchers

The sun was already perched high above Lake Huron when I stepped through the mayfly-covered screen door of the keepers’ quarters, down three creaky steps and into my first day as lighthouse keeper at Tawas Point in Iosco County.

Tawas Point, MI – Chad Kaiser

My keeper duties were not set to begin until noon, so I decided to spend my first free hours exploring my new temporary home on foot.

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5 Fun Activities at Jupiter Inlet (FL) Lighthouse & Museum

Kick off the new year with a host of family-friendly, history-forward events at the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum all month long. From healing Twilight Yoga at the Light every Monday to Early Native History on the Loxahatchee tours and Family Adventure Day January 21, welcome 2023 with a whole lot of fun.

Jupiter Inlet, FL – USLHS archives

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To the Lighthouses: A Path to Nationhood

Instilling confidence among merchants and ship captains was an area in which most agreed the new federal authority could and should act.

Cape Henry, VA – Latrobe

One of the first things the new United States did in 1789 was to take on the operation of existing lighthouses and the building of new ones. Coastal beacons—some in then-remote locations—would become tangible symbols of the new American government, markers of nationhood in both literal and metaphoric senses.

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Lighting the way for 150 years: Yaquina Head, Oregon’s tallest lighthouse prepares for anniversary

The stewards of Oregon’s tallest lighthouse are sprucing up the popular landmark on Oregon’s central coast for its 150th anniversary in 2023.

Yaquina Head, OR – George Collins

The 93-foot tall Yaquina Head Lighthouse was completed in 1872, but the lamp on top wasn’t lit until the following year because of a 19th century version of, get this, supply chain problems.

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Maritime Museum Exhibit Features Photos of Lighthouses and Waves

Continuing its celebration of coastal living, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum (SBMM) presents The Lure of Lighthouses & Dancing Waves, an exhibit featuring some 35 photographs of lighthouses and waves by Dan Merkel, a renowned and Emmy Award-winning surfing photographer and videographer.

Cape Elizabeth, ME – J. Candace Clifford

The lighthouse photographs include images from Cape Elizabeth and Cape Hatteras on the East Coast and Point Loma and Point Pinos on the West Coast to Portugal and Australia. 

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Look at African American Lighthouse Keepers as Seen Through Eyes of Harriet Tubman

In honor of Black History Month, which begins Feb. 1, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum (SBMM) will present two showings of “Keeping the Light: The Story of the Bravery, Heroism and Courage of African American Lighthouse Keepers and Lifesaving Service” as told by Harriet Tubman, portrayed by actor, director and producer Christine Dixon.

Edward David Bland (1848-1927), Jordon Point, VA – USLHS archives

There will be two performances on Wednesday, Feb. 1; the first from 3:30-5:30 p.m. is designed for children, and the second, 7-9 p.m., is for adults.

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