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Light Hearted 220 – Jack & Tobi Graham, lighthouse docents/caretakers, part 2 of 2

Jack Graham had a long career with Pennysylvania State Parks, and since 2005 Jack and his wife Tobi have lived at lighthouses all over the map as resident docents and caretakers. They’ve also been involved in historical re-enactment groups since 1976, both as performers and costume makers. Jack also does old-time storytelling as Pennsylvania Jack, performing at venues all around the state. And he is an avid lighthouse researcher who has written dozens of articles for the U.S. Lighthouse Society’s magazine The Keeper’s Log and for Lighthouse Digest magazine.

Jack and Tobi Graham at Cape Lookout Light Station, North Carolina

Tobi and Jack have lived and worked as volunteers at such iconic light stations as Seguin Island in Maine, Cape Meares in Oregon, Split Rock in Minnesota, and most recently Cape Lookout in North Carolina. At some of these locations they have portrayed a keeper and his wife in living history presentations.

This is part two of two parts.

Some of the places where Jack and Tobi have volunteered:

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