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Light Hearted ep 235 – Paul Duval & Wesley Randles, Seal Point Lighthouse, South Africa

Seal Point Lighthouse is on Cape St. Francis in South Africa, close to the southeasternmost point on the continent. At 91 feet tall, it’s the tallest masonry building on the South African coast.

Seal Point Light Station (courtesy of Seal Point Lighthouse)

Construction began in 1874, and materials had to be hauled by oxcart to the remote location. The light station began service on July 4, 1878. For many years, Seal Point was considered one of the most isolated staffed light stations on the country’s mainland.

Paul Duval
Wesley Randles

Seal Point Lighthouse has been developed into a major attraction in recent years, with a boutique hotel, a restaurant, and more. There’s also a studio called Salt, with yoga, Pilates, fitness, and dance instruction.

Visitors can also climb the 154 steps inside the lighthouse tower for a spectacular look at the Cape St. Francis seascape.

Courtesy of Seal Point Lighthouse

Paul Duval is the CEO of Petrel Ventures, the company that has developed the light station site. Wesley Randles is the chef and manager of the Nevermind restaurant at the light station.

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