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Light Hearted ep 241 – Bar Harbor Grand Slam Lighthouse Cruise (ME); Graves Light lens project (MA)

In addition to their nature cruises, Bar Harbor Whale Watch in Maine runs regular sightseeing cruises that go near several of the local lighthouses. For years, pre-pandemic, the company also ran occasional all-day lighthouse cruises that passed close to as many as 15 or 20 lighthouses. An annual July cruise was known as the Grand Slam cruise. The cruises were put on hold during the pandemic. The tradition is being revived, with an all-day cruise going near at least 20 lighthouses this September 24. In this episode is a discussion with Zack Klyver, who has organized the cruise; co-narrator Bob Trapani Jr. of the American Lighthouse Foundation; and photographer Mike Leonard, who will be on the cruise to offer photography tips. Also narrating on board will be Jeremy D’Entremont, USLHS historian and host of this podcast.

Dave Waller inside his “do-it-yourself” first-order Fresnel lens.

The second segment concerns an exciting project at Graves Lighthouse in outer Boston Harbor. Graves, a 113-foot-tall granite tower on a barren, wave-swept ledge, began service in 1905 with a huge first-order Fresnel lens from Paris. The lens was removed in the 1970s and is in storage at the Smithsonian. Boston businessman Dave Waller bought Graves Lighthouse at government auction in 2013. For the past few years, Dave has been assembling his own first-order lens from spare parts, and that lens has now been installed in the lighthouse. Dave discusses this groundbreaking endeavor with host Jeremy D’Entremont.

Graves Lighthouse, Massachusetts. Photo by Jeremy D’Entremont.

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