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News of the week September 15, 2023

11 Injured when Maine lighthouse walkway cracks during annual event: ‘Collapsing sound, and then some screams’

Eleven people were hurt when a lighthouse walkway collapsed over the weekend, sending people tumbling into mudflats during an annual event that encourages tours of Maine’s beloved beacons.

Doubling Point, ME – J Candace Clifford

The wooden walkway collapsed at Doubling Point Lighthouse in Arrowsic around 1 p.m. during Maine Open Lighthouse Day on Saturday, when the public can tour the structures.

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Trail of lighthouse sculptures to decorate streets of England

Lighthouse sculptures are set to stand on streets and open spaces to raise money for a children’s hospital.

Light the South – BBC News

The 40 sculptures will go on show in Southampton and Cowes on the Isle of Wight sponsored by businesses and decorated by artists.

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Cleveland (OH)Point Arena Lighthouse cat goes viral in TikTok video Harbor lighthouse won at auction by 2 Cleveland magnates who intend to preserve historic building

The Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse has been sold at auction, and the new owners are two Clevelanders who intend to preserve the historic part of Cleveland’s skyline.

Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead, OH – USLHS archives

The lighthouse fetched a price of $425,000 when the auction closed on Sept. 6, and the winning bidders were Heather Moore, a designer of personalized luxury jewelry, and Jim Brown, the owner of Classic Auto Group.

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Point Arena (CA) Lighthouse cat goes viral in TikTok video

A cat left behind at a Mendocino County lighthouse is now a viral sensation, thanks to a TikTok last week that has been viewed more than a quarter of a million times.

The cat, adopted by Point Arena Lighthouse staff after she was abandoned by her owner on the Point Arena property six years ago and named Arena Mina, is a local celebrity with her own Instagram accountand is one of the lighthouse’s official guest relations managers.

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Antique furniture, stunning views and no electric bill: Inside Borden Flats (MA) lighthouse

An adorable North American lighthouse has hit the market – but you’ll need deep pockets if you want to live here.

Borden Flats, MA – Jeremy D’Entremont

The one-bed, one-bath lighthouse, located on the shores of Fall River, Massachusetts, is one of the world’a only offshore spark plug-style lighthouses. 

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Photographer captures Northern Lights over Souter (UK) Lighthouse

September is a good time to see the lights, according to spotters.

Souter, Uk – USLHS archives

Photographer Anthony Skordis captured a wonderful image of the Northern Lights dancing above Souter Lighthouse on Tuesday, September 13.

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Lorain West Breakwater (OH) has new ornament

The Lorain Lighthouse has announced it is selling a new ornament.

Lorain, OH – Mike & Carol McKinney

This year’s ornament is now available, according to a news release.

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Tower of Hercules (Spain): Secrets of the world’s oldest lighthouse

The ancient Tower of Hercules in Coruna is one of the most well-preserved lighthouses remaining from the classical Roman age and is also the only one still in use. According to legend, the tower is the site of one of the twelve Labours of Hercules in Greek mythology, where he defeated a fearsome three-bodied giant named Geryon.

Tower of Hercules, Spain – Ralph Eshelman

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Paul and Marshall Point Lighthouse, ME

My mom’s favorite when visiting was Marshall Point Lighthouse. It was also where my good friend Paul Dalrymple lived. In fact, his mother had been born in the lighthouse, which overlooks both Muscongus and Penobscot bays.

Marshall Point, ME – J Candace Clifford

The light was installed in 1832 to help shipping traffic into Port Clyde harbor. The previous year, the federal government appropriated $4,000. Samuel Marshall sold four acres of land for $120 and the original lighthouse was a 20-foot tower built of rubblestone with 14-inch reflectors from seven oil lamps that ran on lard.

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New lighthouse at Gillette Stadium (MA) complete: Here’s when it will open to public

A 22-story lighthouse is now finished at Gillette Stadium, along with the rest of the $250 million project to renovate the venue’s north end.

Screenshot of new lighthouse at Gillette Stadium – WCBV 5 Boston

The new lighthouse, which features a 360-degree observation deck, replaces the original lighthouse that had stood from when the venue first opened in 2002 until March 2022.

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