Lighthouse Keeper Grave Marker Program

As a followup to an earlier post, “Grave Markers for Lighthouse Service Veterans,” Jack Graham provided the following message to lighthouse stewards:

“Hello Lighthouse friends,

First of all, thank you for the wonderful work you are doing to care for one of our American maritime treasures. I wish you the best in these endeavors.

My name is Jack Graham. I have been a volunteer docent at several lighthouses across the U.S. over the past decade, and like to think of myself as an amateur historian. I am not affiliated with any group, nor am I writing to ask for money nor to sell you anything. My purpose is the topic noted above.

grave-markerThis is a photograph of a BRONZE GRAVE MARKER, intended to be placed on the graves of any person who once served as a keeper at a U.S. lighthouse.  It is similar in size and purpose to the markers you may have seen on the graves of military veterans (Civil War, WW II etc).

The markers have been developed by Richard Ryder, a U.S. Navy vet and descendant of a veteran of the old U.S. Lifesaving Service. Similar markers have been developed for veterans of the Life Saving Service, and of the U.S. Coast Guard. More information can be obtained from Mr. Ryder at  Lighthouse Digest magazine promotes this program unequivocally and is eager to publish stories and photos of marker placement ceremonies. Please send this information to

Undoubtedly many men and/or women served as Keepers at your light station. In far too many cases, the details of their lives afterwards and where they are buried are simply unknown. But if you do know, or want to put in some effort to find out, wouldn’t it be a grand way to honor their memory, and another way to preserve the history of your station, to so mark their graves with one of these USLHS markers?

I urge you to consider this idea. Should your group be interested in so marking the known gravesite of a former Keeper, markers may be obtained at

Thanks for your consideration. I hope you get involved.

Submitted by Jack Graham, December 13, 2016

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