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Calendar to Highlight Society Member Photographs

Cedar Island NY 2015 by Michael Leahy
Michael Leahy captured this entry taken at Cedar Island Lighthouse, New York, in 2015. He entered it in the “Unusual Perspective” category.

Entries have started to come in for the 2018 Lighthouse Society Calendar. We have received entries for 9 of the 12 categories. Nothing for the “Reflection” category or the Kid’s categories. If you have a young photographer in your family, consider upgrading to the Society’s family membership for an additional $10. We want to get young people interested in lighthouses!

Boston Harbor At The Beauty Shop lores 2014 by Bruce Wilbur
Bruce Wilbur’s “At the Beauty Shop” shows Boston Harbor’s 2014 restoration. This was entered under the “Preservation Project / Special Event” category.

Here are the 12 categories (one for each month):

o   Black and white (this can be a computer generated conversion from color)

o   Detail

o   Interior

o   Kid’s perspective (photographers 9 and younger)

o   Older kid’s perspective (10 – 15 years old)

o   Landscape

o   Preservation project or special event

o   Reflection

o   Sunrise / sunset

o   Technology (lens, fog signal, etc.)

o   Unusual angle or perspective

o   Weather (snow, storms, lightning, etc.)

Concord Point MD 2016 double rainbow by Bethany Baker
Bethany Baker’s double rainbow at Concord Point Lighthouse, MD, is for the “Weather” category.
Absecon NJ by ANi Berberian
For the “Interior” category, here is Ani Berberian’s staircase at Absecon Lighthouse, NJ.

Submission guidelines:

  • Participating photographers must be current members of the U.S. Lighthouse Society. Goto <> to join.
  • Digital submissions only. Submit image files to <>. Please create low resolution jpg files around 8 by 6 inches at 72 dpi. (If chosen for the calendar, we will need an 8 by 10 inch image at a minimum of 300 dpi. Unfortunately, smaller images cannot be used for the final printed product.) 
  • Include photographer name, lighthouse name, state, year taken, and submission category in the file name of your photo.  
  • Members may submit one photo per category. Kids may submit up to three photos in their categories. Submit only photos that you have taken.
  • Photos should be unrestricted. Unless you instruct the Society otherwise, by submitting images to this project, you are giving your permission for the Society to use your image in social media and in printed publications. You also are agreeing that your image will become part of the Society’s digital archive.
  • Submission deadline is September 15, 2017.
Grace Ballentine’s “Black and White” entry was taken at Gasparilla Lighthouse, Florida, in 2012.

Submitted by Candace Clifford, July 25, 2017.

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