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2018 Lighthouse Society Tours

The 2018 U.S. Lighthouse Society tour schedule has been announced.

Enjoy a wonderful experience visiting, photographing and, whenever possible, climbing to the top of a lighthouse. Counting the steps to the top, you can imagine the complex life and responsibilities of lighthouse keepers. With each light station visit, you’ll develop an appreciation for each lighthouse’s history and discover what makes them special.

Lighthouses were often built in remote locations (on both land and at sea), making some challenging to access, or are closed to the general public. Also, lighthouses are sometimes open seasonally for limited hours. But you’re in luck! Our tours are designed to overcome these obstacles. We’ll arrange the access and transportation needed to reach our destinations. A tour with the U.S. Lighthouse Society is sure to provide incredible memories for all lighthouse enthusiasts.

Please direct any questions to (415) 362-7255 or A registration form is available to download and mail to ensure your place.

Submitted January 30, 2018

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