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Have Passport, Will Travel

Florida Lighthouse Association member receives passport stamp at Egmont Key Lighthouse, Florida. 2017 photo by Candace Clifford

Are you a member of the U.S. Lighthouse Society’s Passport Club? If so, you recently received its most recent newsletter which includes updates on where new stamps are available and other useful information. There are now over 550 locations where you may get your passport stamped. These include not only lighthouses, but maritime museums, lighthouse vessels, and life-saving stations. (A full list of locations by state can be found online.)

If you already have a passport, consider getting one for a younger relative or friend. We need to encourage the younger generation’s appreciation of lighthouses! You can purchase a passport online or at the gift shop of any participating lighthouse.

Skip and Mary Lee Sherwood are also Society tour leaders.

When you have your passport stamped, don’t forget to leave a donation to support the site.

The Society is very fortunate to have super-charged volunteers Skip and Mary Lee Sherwood run this vibrant program. With their dedication and the help of volunteers around the country, this program has thrived and continues to grow.

Skip relies on the 16 volunteers listed below to maintain contact with over 500 locations and make sure the information about stamp availability is current. Skip cannot say enough good things about their dedication and service to the program. Several of them have taken on extra duties when volunteers had to bow out for health reasons. He’s pretty sure that the program would fall apart without the work of the volunteers.

Mid-Atlantic Region
Tedd Van Buskirk
Chris Laubach

New England Region
Wayne Cotterly
Scott Walbert
Bob Zimman
Anne Salatiello
Rick McDermott

Midwest Region
LaVon Marshall
Judy Grigg (Plus Oregon)
Sue Moffit  (Plus Louisiana & Texas)
Marge Czop
Dave Lindamood

South Region
Yvette Dills
April Lowe (Plus Washington)
Toni Collins

West Region
Marie Holley

Submitted by Candace Clifford, May 4, 2018

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