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Have Passport, Will Travel

Are you a member of the U.S. Lighthouse Society’s Passport Club? If so, you recently received its most recent newsletter which includes updates on where new stamps are available and other useful information. There are now over 550 locations where you may get your passport stamped. These include not only lighthouses, but maritime museums, lighthouse… Continue reading Have Passport, Will Travel

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Horton Point Lighthouse Celebrates 160 Years!

In celebrating their 160th Anniversary, Horton Point Lighthouse, located in Southold, NY, has a new commemorative stamp for the U.S. Lighthouse Society’s Passport Program. The Horton Point lighthouse keepers are ready to stamp passports starting on Memorial Day weekend. The Horton Point Lighthouse was constructed by the U.S. Light-House Board in 1857. It is one of seven historic lighthouses located in… Continue reading Horton Point Lighthouse Celebrates 160 Years!

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Metropolis Hope Light

Lighthouse Society members Rudy and Bev Bess recently submitted these images relating to the Metropolis Hope Light on the bank of the Ohio River in Metropolis, Illinois.

The Metropolis Hope Light was erected in 2014. The tower is 30-feet tall and is equipped with an ML-155 Marine Lantern with a flashing white light. It is an official Illinois state tourism attraction. 2016 photo courtesy of Rudy Bess

The couple founded The Hope Light Foundation to fight cancer. According to their website, “The main purpose of the lighthouse is to promote early cancer detection and navigate people to various resources that identify cancer signs and symptoms and where to go for help.  If detected early, cancer could be diagnosed and treated with hope for survivorship and an eventual cure.”

Courtesy Rudy Bess

Metropolis Hope Light is a member of the U.S. Lighthouse Society Passport Program. You can acquire this stamp at the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce office that is across the street from the Superman Statue.

Rudy and Bev Bess are long-time lighthouse enthusiasts and have photographed over 450 lights in the U.S. and Canada, from Nova Scotia to Key West to Padre Island Texas, from San Diego to British Columbia, all the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. You can see their photos at
Courtesy Rudy Bess
Courtesy Rudy Bess

Based on submission from Rudy Bess, December 8, 2016

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