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Episode 46The two interview subjects in this episode of Light Hearted have found one of the most creative ways to help lighthouses. Alison Richardson, a summer resident of Isle au Haut in Maine, along with her friend Molly Siegel, decided to do something special to help raise funds for the island’s lighthouse – they swam all the way around the island in the summer of 2019. And Gary Sredzienski, in addition to being an amazing swimmer, is an accomplished musician and composer. He has completed several winter swims for various charities, including three swims to raise funds for lighthouse preservation.

Episode 47In this episode of Light Hearted, hosts Jeremy D’Entremont and Michelle Jewell Shaw interview Jeremey Richardson and Miriam Davidson, the owners of one of the most rugged and remote lighthouses in New England — Moose Peak Lighthouse, about five miles offshore from Jonesport, Maine. Together, with their five dogs, the couple enjoys outdoor adventures and they are excited for the opportunities Moose Peak Lighthouse presents.

Episode 48 – The guest in this episode is Lenore Skomal, author of one of the best books ever written about the celebrated light keeper Ida Lewis, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter.Officially, Ida Lewis is credited with 18 lives saved, but the number was possibly as high as 35; the modest Ida kept no records of her lifesaving exploits. She became the official keeper at Lime Rock in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1879 and held the position for 32 years. She became a celebrated national heroine. Lenore Skomal is the winner of multiple awards for literature, biography, and humor.

Episode 49Few light stations have utilized the concept of living history performances to the extent that Burnt Island Light Station in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, has. The Maine Department of Marine Resources acquired the Burnt Island Light Station in 1998 as part of the Maine Lights Program. Burnt Island’s restored light station buildings and grounds have been transformed into a living history museum where interpreters in period costume portray a historic lighthouse family. In this episode, performer Katie Brydon talks about the experience and the value of living history programs at historic sites.

Episode 50This marks the fiftieth episode, not counting a few “special editions.” To mark this milestone, this episode is different than most. Rather than featuring an interview with a guest from the lighthouse world, this episode features a free-wheeling discussion with hosts Jeremy D’Entremont, Cindy Johnson, and Michelle Jewell-Shaw. They discuss their own involvement with lighthouses and the past and future of the podcast.

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