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Episode 51Peter Gellatly, interviewed in this episode, is a lecturer in accounting and administration at the Coatbridge campus of New College Lanarkshire in Scotland. About 25 years ago he saw a lighthouse on his way to the Isle of Man, and he was mesmerized. He has photographed many lighthouses on his travels over the years, and more recently he has built up a lighthouse memorabilia collection. He has been loaning his collection of artifacts and photos to lighthouses around the U.K. for display. He has also published a book called Following the Lights.

Episode 52Lighthouse tenders were ships that were specifically designed to maintain, support, or tend to lighthouses by providing supplies, fuel, mail, and transportation. The tender Lilac was launched in 1933. Today, Lilac is a museum ship at Pier 25 in the Tribeca section of Hudson River Park in New York City. The ship is now open to the public on a regular basis. Mary Habstritt is the museum director and president for the  Lilac Preservation Project. She also works as a freelance historical consultant, interpreting and telling the stories of America’s manufacturing and engineering past.

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