Light Hearted

Light Hearted ep 118 – John Huggins & Dan Romanchik, Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

The Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society, or ARLHS, was formed in 2000. The ARLHS is devoted to maritime communications, amateur radio, lighthouses, and lightships. Its members travel to lighthouses around the world where they operate amateur radio equipment at or near the light stations.

Other goals of the ARLHS include working to increase public awareness of the role ham radio and lighthouses have played in assisting and maintaining safety at sea; aiding with the preservation of lighthouses; and fostering camaraderie and fellowship among ham radio operators nationally and internationally. The ARLHS also maintains a World List of Lights.

John Huggins

John Huggins is an electrical engineer living in Virginia. He has experience in astronomy, aerospace, and the radio communication field, and he reviews and writes about antennas and other technical topics in various online publications. John became the president of the ARLHS in 2016.

Dan Romanchik

Dan Romanchik has been an electronics engineer, a software developer, an engineering manager, a writer/blogger/editor, a teacher/trainer, and a website developer. He’s written a series of books called the “No-Nonsense Amateur Radio License Study Guides,” and he also has a popular blog on all aspects of ham radio operating. He’s been involved with the ARLHS in recent years.

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