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News of the week November 4, 2022

The missing leg of the damaged Sanibel Lighthouse (FL) has been located. What are the next steps?

The missing leg of the iconic Sanibel Lighthouse was located this week, almost a month after Hurricane Ian ravaged the tiny island and historic landmark.

Sanibel Lighthouse, FL by James Hill

The leg was found broken in three pieces and laying in the sand by officials. It is alleged that when the storm surge swept through the area, it lifted the houses adjacent to the lighthouse, known as the keeper homes.

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Employees, guests witness paranormal activity at St. Augustine Lighthouse (FL), keeper’s house

There have been accounts of spooky interactions over the years in the historic St. Augustine Lighthouse and lighthouse keeper’s house

St. Augustine lighthouse, courtesy National Archives

Guests wander around the hallowed halls of the lighthouse, which is now 148 years old. Specialty programs manager Sammy Washburn, who gives “Dark of the Moon” tours year-round, says there are “other” visitors among them: ghosts.

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Stonington’s (CT) Old Lighthouse Museum project begins final fundraising push

Stonington ― The Stonington Historical Society has begun the public phase of its capital campaign to raise $600,000 for the final phase of its $2.75 million renovation and expansion of the Old Lighthouse Museum.

Stonington Lighthouse, photo by Robert Bachand

As part of the campaign, the historical society held an open house in October which saw more than 100 people visit.

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State-of-the-art lens at Point San Luis Lighthouse (CA) lighthouse helped keep ships on course for nearly a century

The Fresnel lens was considered breakthrough technology in its era. French physicist Augustin Fresnel began life as a slow learner. He could barely read by age 8.

San Luis Obispo lighthouse, photo by Marie Vincent

However, his dogged ability to solve problems led to the creation of a state-of-the-art lens that captured and transmitted 83% of the light from a lamp.

A flame with a reflector only captured 13% of a lamp’s light and an open flame only transmitted 3% to a viewer.

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Exploring the past and future of Split Rock (MN) Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse was spun from a dark day.

“Split Rock was born out of a – really, actually a horrific storm in 1905,” Keeper Hayes Scriven said. “It was a really bad November gale, and it caught the shipping industry kind of off-guard.”

Split Rock lighthouse, courtesy Library of Congress

On Nov. 28, 1905, the storm caused 29 ships to run aground, and more than two dozen people were killed. Scriven told the story of a location about half a mile north of Split Rock.

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Bodie Island Lighthouse (NC) reschedules 150th anniversary event

MANTEO, N.C. (WITN) – The Cape Hatteras National Seashore will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the lighting of the Bodie Island Lighthouse on Nov. 12.

Bodie Island lighthouse, photo by Kraig Anderson

The event will occur at the historic lighthouse on Nags Head at 4 p.m. The event was initially scheduled for Oct. 1 but was rescheduled due to weather conditions.

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Last days of Cana Island Lighthouse (WI) season include renovations, lower Lake Michigan levels

DOOR COUNTY (WLUK) — With the forecast calling for some nice weather in the coming days, many are making plans to head outdoors.

Cana Island lighthouse, photo by Joyce Dixon

The Cana Island Lighthouse is a popular destination, and as the season winds down, people will see some changes on the final weekend.

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Rendezvous to sparkle at Jupiter Lighthouse (FL)

Get set to party in paradise. Rendezvous at the Light will be back in full force Nov. 19. The waterfront fundraiser benefits the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, photo by Ralph Krugler

The Loxahatchee River Historical Society board of directors, staff and volunteers host the annual signature event each November, which officially marks the beginning the holiday season for Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum as well as new and returning cultural programs.

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Still looking for spooks? Check out these haunted lighthouses along California’s coast

LOS ANGELES — What is it about lighthouses that ghosts like so much?

Old Point Loma Lighthouse, photo by Ralph Eshelman

Maybe it’s the mist that often seems to shroud their lonely towers. Maybe it’s their historic role as a beacon to keep sailors safe from shipwrecks.

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Cape Scott (B.C. Canada) lighthouse keeper forced to take 500-km trip for heart surgery after evacuation in heavy fog

Helicopters, rescue boats were called out to take Harvey Humchitt, Jr. from remote Cape Scott to Victoria

Cape Scott lighthouse, photo by John Freeland wikimediacommons

Harvey Humchitt, Jr. was up at 3 a.m. for the start of his shift at the Cape Scott lighthouse when he started noticing pain in his chest. 

Humchitt, keeper of the lighthouse on the wild northwest tip of Vancouver Island, says he initially attributed the pain to angina. But by late afternoon he was doubled over.

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