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News of the week May 26, 2023

Group hopes to restore Chicago Harbor (IL) Lighthouse, preserve it for future generations

A nonprofit organization wants to restore the aging Chicago Harbor Lighthouse and use the landmark as a teaching tool for younger generations, as well as attract more visitors to the city. 

Chicago Harbor, USLHS archives

On Wednesday, Friends of the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse shared its vision for the icon of the city’s maritime history with members of the Cliff Dwellers Club, an organization that supports arts and culture, at 200 S. Michigan Ave. in the Loop.

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Lighthouse washing, boat blessing parade to mark start of Muskegon’s (MI) boating season

MUSKEGON, MI – The ceremonial opening day of boating will be observed with the 19th annual blessing of the boats parade and washing of the lighthouse at the Muskegon Lake Channel on Sunday.

Muskegon MI pier & breakwater lights – Joyce Dixon

The Aquastar cruise ship will lead the parade through the channel. Boaters are invited to line up and join the parade. The cruise ship is expected to enter the channel around 12:45 p.m. May 28.

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East Point Lighthouse operator is battling not only rapid bayshore erosion, but the State of New Jersey

The quaint, 174-year-old East Point Lighthouse commands a dazzling view of the confluence of the Delaware Bay and Maurice River – the same forces that could soon swallow it.

East Point, NJ – Dave Zapatka

Severe erosion has reduced the beach in front of the lighthouse by three-quarters singe the 1940’s. The lighthouse basement floods after storms

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What might be in store for 1859 Mayport (FL) lighthouse, largely unvisited but not unloved

The historic St. Johns River Lighthouse began shining its light just before the Civil War broke out, and apart from a break during that conflict — when Confederates hid its light in hopes of flummoxing Union sailors — it steered ships to safety until 1929.

St. Johns River, FL -Mike & Carol McKinney

Owned now by the U.S. Navy, it’s been shut down for almost a century and now stands as almost an afterthought behind a fence on the western edge of Naval Station Mayport, unused, empty and largely unvisited. Its doorway was long ago buried by fill brought in to level Navy runways, and the only way inside involves a ladder and climbing through a window.

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Once in the shadow of the Cape Hatteras (NC) Lighthouse, maritime life-saving service nearly lost to history

They shared an iconic name and the most noble of missions: saving lives. One widely recognized, celebrated and adored. The other, nearly forgotten.

Cape Hatteras, NC – National Archives

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has saved an untold number of ships from wrecking on her dark shores. Unfortunately, the past lighthouse service did not keep detailed records of each passing ship that survived, so we’ll never know how many were actually saved.

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Work to restore Guernsey’s Castle Breakwater (UK) lighthouse nearly at its end

Work to restore Guernsey’s Castle Breakwater lighthouse is nearing completion ahead of the summer season.

It’s undergoing renovations after years of wind and waves took their toll – a project that harbour bosses say has been challenging.

Castle Breakwater, UK – USLHS archives

“It’s very exposed,” says Martyn Stanfield of Guernsey Ports. 

“With the scaffold around, it helps protect everything while you are trying to work here, but at times with the weather, the scaffold does move.

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Dedicated lighthouse keeper on Hai Phong’s island, Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) – Nguyen Manh Hung is the head of Long Chau lighthouse station in Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city. For nearly 20 years, Hung and his colleagues of the Northeastern Maritime Safety Company have kept the lights burning to help ships navigate the Gulf of Tonkin.

Long Chau, Vietnam – Vietnam Times

Hung started working as a lighthouse keeper on Long Chau island in 2004. He says he had always dreamed of becoming a lighthouse keeper like his father. 

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Huge part of iconic UK cliff collapses into the sea with lighthouse teetering on edge

Bank Holiday day-trippers have been warned to watch their step after yet another cliff collapse at an iconic UK tourist spot.

Belle Tout, UK – Rob Faulkner

New footage shows the scene near the Belle Tout Lighthouse at Beachy Head in Sussex, which is now a guest house that stands on the cliff edge.

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Restoring Hog Island (Bahamas) lighthouse to its glory

I am writing to you for your written support. The Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club Co. Ltd. seeks to fully restore the Paradise “Hog” Island Light Station to its full 1817 glory; at no charge to the public, while the land and structure will remain the property of the Bahamian people.

Hog Island, Bahamas – Ivan Curra

The restoration, operation and maintenance of the project will be sustainably funded with a revenue stream from the Lighthouse’s historical and cultural experience and the Beach Club. Our target market is local and international historical and cultural tourism. This shall be a low impact, sustainable venture that already has the full written support of all the largest Bahamian environmental groups, reputable Bahamian funding and has to be “best for The Bahamas and Bahamians “at large to offer a world class destination”: something the proximity of Nassau desperately needs.

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Bolivar Point (TX) has lantern removed for restoration

On Monday May 15th, McMillian Building Movers, led by George and Jordan McMillian, successfully removed the lantern from the lighthouse tower in Phase I of the complete Bolivar Point Lighthouse Foundation’s restoration program.

Bolivar Pt., TX – Bolivar Point Lighthouse

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