National Lighthouse Day Dance Contest Winners

In recognition of National Lighthouse Day 2023 (August 7), the U.S. Lighthouse Society held its first-ever nationwide dance contest. People were asked to dance at lighthouses around the U.S. to the original song “Meet Me at the Lighthouse” by Joe Rivers. We received entries from ten different states across the country! Here is a compilation. Thanks to everyone who took part!

Here are the winners:

The first prize winner was Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Oregon. Credits: Video editor and cameraman: Matt McDonnal. Camera assistant: Julie Hernandez. Production board: Andrew Smalldon, Italo Lenta, Miranda Toner. Cast: Head Keeper: Andrew Smalldon; Lighthouse Inspector: Italo Lenta; Dancer 1: (Plaid shawl) Sabrina Gorney Dancer; 2: (Sparkly skirt); Whitney Doel. Other dancers: Ricardo Rodriguez, Lila Medina, Sabrina Lind.

The Second Prize winner was Whitehead Light Station in Maine. The video was created by the staff, volunteers, and guests of Whitehead Light Station.

The third prize winner was the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society in New York. Special thanks to all the volunteers!

Tied for fourth place is a video shot in the vicinity of Sakonnet Point Lighthouse in Rhode Island. Special credit to Anna Drakulich and the crew of Sea Haven!

Tied for fourth prize is Friends of Nobska Light on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It was submitted by Kathy Walrath and features many volunteers of the Friends of Nobska Light.

Winner of a special award for youth 15 and under is the McDonough-Grime Irish Dance School of Dover, New Hampshire, who took part in a video shot at Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse.

Here is a compilation of all the entries! Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to next year’s contest.

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